A first year collection of sonic exploration by Slava Pogorelsky. Here’s what to expect:

1. CINEMATIC MAGICAL ICE is offering a unique toolset for ice-cold freezing designs, totalling 267 sound effects. Great for fantasy genre with ice based magic, motion graphics, time lapse and flow motion freeze sequences.

2. CINEMATIC WATER WHOOSHES AND TEXTURES is offering a unique toolset for water and underwater designs, totalling 285 sounds. Great for hyper realistic designs, water based magic, surreal underwater movement or motion graphics with liquid elements.

3. CINEMATIC WOOD SYMPHONY is offering a variety of wood based recordings that were morphed into a unique audio experience that bends the boundaries between recognisable source and unusual wooden textures, totalling 602 sound effects.

4. SCI – FI ELEMENTS VOL.1 is offering a variety of carefully crafted futuristic sound effects that vary from pleasant and musical to unpredicted and glitchy, totalling 364 sound effects. Great for futuristic user interface, virtual reality hacking and memories extraction, corrupted alien technology and evil cyber-intelligence.

5. CINEMATIC METAL WHOOSHES is offering a unique collection of aggressive roaring metal whooshes and transitions with cinematic feel and mind bending characteristics, totalling 120 sound effects.

6. BONUS MINI PACK: Glass Manipulation is offering a collection of glass breakage, movement and rattle, tonal textures, glass friction and pressure, totalling 55 sound files.

Number of sounds: 1693 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 4.1 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Metadata: Universal Category System (UCS)

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