This was just posted at Size Five Games a BAFTA awarded game developer.

Hello! Fun Fact: I get emailed approximately three billion Composer showreels every single week! Generally I have a lovely long listen and think “man, if I ever needed a composer I’d definitely get in touch with this guy!” and then I don’t write their names down or anything so they could be anywhere.

So, here we are: The Swindle needs a clever music tech GENIUS. Is that you?

The Swindle’s music is an odd one. Its Steampunk (so needs all the rhythmic tick-tock, mechanical, classical scoring that you’d expect) but it’s also Cyberpunk, so needs some space-y, hacking, what-is-humanity-oh-god-my-arms-are-guns-in-the-future motifs.

Forgive me, I don’t speak ‘music’. One thing I’m definitely keen to avoid: 1960s Spy Caper music. Definitely not that, that’d be too obvious.

First thing that needs doing is I’ve got a trailer here that needs music QUICKLY. It’s about a minute and a half. From then on, I want to work closely with someone to craft a beautiful, amazing score that really enhances the game. Previous experience doing game music, and understanding how everything needs to hang together is a must.

You also need to be UK based. This is not because I’m racist, it’s because I really want to be able to meet in pubs, chew over ideas, get it right face-to-face, and I don’t think text can always do that where music is concerned (see description of Cyberpunk music, above). I want to work closely with someone who really digs and understands the project, someone who is passionate about getting it so, so, so very right and winning themselves awards for Best Game Music. I think for that to work, it’s best if we can meet in person, like awkward wobbly fleshbags.

Email me dan[at] with the subject I AM A MUSIC WIZARD, and if you can include a link to something you’ve done that’s even remotely similar to what I’m after that’d be amazing.

OOH: and let me know how much you cost, but don’t price yourself too high because I have very little money.

If you’ve found your way here by magic and want to know more about me, I’m @danthat on Twitter. If you want to know more about the project and see some screens, that’s here.