Sound design is about thinking outside the box – or in this case sometimes in the box – to find extraordinary and detailed material to record. Micro Mechanisms is a masterful collection that explores the world of miniature mechanical movement and breathes life into your toolkit with those ear-perking moments in sound design.

Among the vast 150+ audio recordings, you’ll get a rare vintage toy sewing machine, an old clock’s rotating gears, disassembled door knobs, various ratchets and wrenches, ball bearing movement, latches and locks, mechanical toys, a vintage stopwatch and so much more.

This library is ideal for recreating the sound of old school and cyberpunk gadgets and locks, as foley material for designed weapons or as a kinetic element for high tech sound design.

Recorded at 24 bits 96 kHz on a Sound Devices Mixpre-3 with a pair of MKH 8040, these sounds can easily be pitched down without any quality loss.

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