Glitch Bundle is a powerful library that brings a huge collection of expertly designed glitch samples to your fingertips. It will instantly prove to be a true inspiration source for any electronic music composer, while becoming any sound editor’s secret weapon for trailers and teasers. Game sound designers will use it to create slick UI sounds or unexpected alien malfunctions. Simply put, GLITCH is a fun and deep sound design tool.

At the core of this Kontakt instrument is a variable range randomizer, specially designed from the ground up for the adventurers out there. The more it’s punished, the more unstable and unpredictable your pitch, bit crusher, distortion and filter will get. Push it to the limit and this is when the real magic starts to happen. Even the banks will start to randomize. If Glitch Hop is something you’ve been wanting to try, now’s your chance to push that envelope to the extreme.

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