SampleTraxx releases SMACK a cinematic dark electronic impacts

SMACK is the new sound pack by sound designer Alessandro Romeo featuring a unique set of earth shattering hits and distorted impacts for the modern sound track, trailer and dark electronic composers.

The collection is designed to cover the segment of crunchy, dirty and ear piercing impact sound effects and can really add a lot of attitude and edge for your next project.

Delivering heavily processed and designed sound energy in 24/96 Hd format with top quality “ready to use” sounds for further processing, editing and pitching shifting while maintaining clarity and precision.
SMACK is organized in three folders: Distorted Impacts, Hard Hits and Soft Distortion to cover the whole dynamic spectrum of nasty and disturbing cinematic distortions. The Kontakt instruments are ready to use in your projects.

This new library is ideal for adding power and edge to any dark project being it movie trailer, score or dark electronic and can be an essential tool kit to add to your sound pool.

SMACK comes with 100 sounds in 24/96 Wav HD format and 3 Kontakt instruments.

Available now for € 19