SampleTraxx announces Voices of the Ages

An epic production of Voices produced by Alessandro Romeo lead sound designer and owner of SampleTraxx, Voices of the Ages is a breathtaking collection devoted to a variety of different genres of vocal phrases and vocal fx.

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Gregorian Chants Solo and Choirs, Male and Female Opera, Latin and Custom Phrases, Liturgical Melodies and Choirs, Choral Pads and Vocal Fx recorded in studio and a large theatre.

The collection comes in natural and designed version.

The library includes a wide variety of Operatic Tenor and Soprano performance, Liturgic Choir and Solo Gregorian phrases with different variations of ahs, ees, oos, ohs, crescendo swells, moving vowels and Operatic vocals improvisation, male and female vocal textures.

Voices of the Ages also includes a set of classic religious Latin words (Agnus Dei, Allelujah, Amen, Kyrie, Benedictus etc.) and moving vowels (oh-eh-ah and ah-eh-ee-oo).

Voice of the Ages is an invaluable tool for composer and producer designed to be inspiring for years to come.

Library content: 3+ Gb, wav files, 96 KHz 24bit.

Available on May 2015