SampleScience releases EA-1 Synthesis

SampleScience is proud to present EA-1 Synthesis, a Kontakt 5 library featuring the sound of the Korg Electribe EA-1. The library features TB-303 alike basses, gritty synths, smooth keys, lofi FXs, atmospheric soundscapes and resonating retro synth leads.

Have total control with the EA-1 Synthesis scripted interface which includes:

* FX rack with distortion, chorus, fuzz, saturation, lo-fi, delay and reverb effects.
* Filters with 2 x LFO, an ADSR and a Step Sequencer.
* Amp with 2 x LFO, an ADSR and a Step Sequencer.
* Equalizer, Compressor, Stereo and Transient controls.
* 3 x layers Kontakt 5 engine with sub and vinyl crackles.

Although EA-1 Synthesis is best suited for minimal techno and IDM music production, famous artists such as Throbbing Gristle, Orbital, Daft Punk, Like A Tim, Crystal Distortion and Cirrus have all used the Korg EA-1 to create other genre of music.

EA-1 Synthesis is the only Korg EA-1 sample library available on the market, the library is unique.


* 25 x Kontakt 5 instruments with a fully scripted interface.
* The same 25 instruments are included as a bonus in Reason NN-XT, Sfz, Logic Pro EXS24 and Sf2 format.