SampleOddity releases Weird Ambient Stuff 2

Moprh, mangle and move ambient atmospheres!

WAS2_cover_500x500Weird Ambient Stuff 2 is a modular tool for creating dynamic, evolving soundscapes in Kontakt. There are plenty of knobs to turn and tweakable parameters to adjust on your journey through the 100 included sound samples. The array of abmiences were created from both acoustic and synthetic sources, and can be mixed and matched to create many unique sounds.

Combine up to three layers, each with adjustable envelope, pitch, and effects in the Morpher, and crossfade between them. Then echo those sounds in the Tri-Delay with a separate delay for each layer, or choose completely different samples to serve as the delay source! Finally, provide a pulse with the 16-step LFO gate sequencer.


* 224MB of .ncw compressed samples / 206MB .rar download
* Versatile, heavily tweakable 3 module instrument interface for crafting dynamic ambiances and rhythmic pulses
* 100 sounds drawn from organic, inorganic, and synthesized sources
* 50 instrument presets to get you started, but the real fun is in mixing and matching the sound sources in the Morpher and finding your own weird combinations!
* Kontakt 5+ full version is required

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Price: $49 USD

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