Sample Logic Thunder Springs review
At $99 dollars, this 3GB little giant justifies its price. You will end up with a great sounding percussion library and a whole lot of tools to play with.
Graphic interface
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Prior to trying Thunder Springs, I wasn’t very familiar with Sample Logic products except from what I had heard at friends places. I am really excited to fully test one of Sample Logic`s products here at TAS.



With tons of percussion patches, Thunder Springs comes in a 3GB (uncompressed) bundle of joy. If you already own loads of percussion libraries this might not be for you but I assure you that Thunder Springs cannot be judged only by listening to demos and watching videos.

This library is very different from most percussion libraries, mainly because it was created using springs and thunder tubes which makes for one unique sound. Now, based on the past sample libraries from Sample Logic, Thunder Springs has been heavily processed in order to fit anyone’s musical needs. Because of this, Thunder Springs is divided into several different main groups.

Ambience, impacts and rhythmic patches, just to name a few. A nice little addition to these are the multis. They are made very creatively and with Multi-core Effect Sequencers, they really create a unique instrument. There are over 450 Instruments and Multis delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.



What you hear in demos is what you get. Thunder Springs‘ sound is top notch and some probably wouldn’t expect anything less from Sample Logic. With all of the effects right at your fingertips, Thunder Springs can sound like anything you want and this is what I really admire in sample developers. One takes an ordinary sound – usually a sound that we take for granted – and makes something completely unique and interesting and, best of all, usable. Having said that, with Thunder Springs you will hear various ambience noises (hits, clicks, wobbles etc.) while playing a particular patch. And that is a good thing as it will give more life to your sound when needed.

In addition you can also “mix in” the “Wave” an additive synthesis engine. It is really cool to beef up the low end with another sine wave.

* In this demo, I have played only with multis and added a limiter in the master bus. No processing whatsoever, 100% Thunder Springs.

Graphic interface


You probably know what I’m going to say here… and you are right. The graphic interface is usable and you have every effect at your disposal but I couldn’t shake the feeling of flashiness. The GUI looks great but I think the flashy titles and distracting animations could be left out. I should say that I am not running a monster computer here (by today’s standards some might even say its prehistoric) so those animations took some CPU/GPU that could otherwise be used by the instrument. In my humble opinion, GUIs should bring more inspiration rather than take it away and to some extent Thunder Springs does distract your workflow. It is not terrible at all but it is a bit distracting.

Ease of use


With all of the options you have in Thunder Springs, you will have to take a couple of minutes to get familiar with the GUI. Once you have gotten used to the interface you will find the it very intuitive.


At $99 dollars, this 3GB little giant justifies its price. You will end up with a great sounding percussion library and a whole lot of tools to play with. There is practically a patch for a every occasion for the modern day composer and it won’t be long before we hear Thunder Springs in most popular TV shows, movies or video games.
Thunder Springs requires a full retail version of Kontakt.