Rob Papen ports popular RG guitar groove plug-in to Reason

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effects plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of RG-RE — a Rack Extension platform-compatible version of its unique RG guitar groove plug-in for Swedish world-class software product developer Propellerhead’s popular music-making application Reason — as of February 19…

When Propellerhead first introduced its revolutionary Rack Extensions concept — custom-built plug-ins for Reason, Rob Papen himself promptly pronounced it as being “…a brilliant concept, continuing: “Clearly, what we face as a developer is having to have a PC version and a Mac version, and if you run them in your regular host, you can crash your host. That’s a real big battle. People, if they use Reason, learn that things are connected. It’s cross-platform; everything works. It’s a major leap forward for Reason, and productions coming out of Reason will sound totally different. Reason remains Reason, but, now, it’s open.”

With RG, Rob Papen’s unique guitar groove plug-in proving popular in its own right, the Dutch developer is no stranger to sounding totally different to the many run-of-the-mill virtual instruments out there. That it has been given the Reason Rack Extension treatment to (re)emerge at an even more affordable price as RG-RE is a shrewd musical move. More users than ever can now enjoy its musical moves by blending them seamlessly in the Reason rack. Load them in Combinators, route (virtual) cables on the back, automate all parameters, and experiment with the safety of undo… what’s not to like here?

To the untrained eye (and ear) RG and its RG-RE Rack Extension ‘spin-off’ might both look like one-trick ponies, ploughing the same narrow musical path. Put aside any preconceptions, though, for the RG concept extends way beyond being a ‘virtual’ guitar player. Indeed, RG-RE does what it does — creating classic rhythm guitar grooves using its onboard SEQ (sequencer) as well as utilising several synthesizer features (including a classic analogue-modelled filter, LFO, envelopes, and modulation section) and effects section (that can be built by using up to three effects at a time from the included MIDI time-based delays, chorus, speaker simulators, phaser, flanger, and much more besides) to create fresh and edgy guitar grooves — just like RG before it! Little wonder, then, that RG is loved so much by so many producers worldwide!

Select and play grooves galore within RG-RE by using a keyboard layout split into major and minor chords, each with two sequence patterns (A and B). Additionally, there are also Power Chord, Distorted Sound, and Muted Guitar banks with no major or minor chord ranges, but these can still form the basis of either of those two sequence patterns.

Several distinctive-sounding guitar types are included in RG-RE: classic Fender Stratocaster electric (major and minor7 chords); eighth-note groove-type steel string acoustic guitar (major and minor chords); 16th-note groove-type steel string acoustic guitar (major and minor chords); power chord groove-type distorted guitar (5th chords/absence of 3rd); muted low and muted high groove-type guitar (single notes/no chords).

So why not get into the Propellerhead groove with a little help from your musical friends at Rob Papen with the unique RG-RE Rack Extension? Help is always at hand, in fact; with hundreds of included presets, you’ll never groove alone!

RG-RE can be purchased and directly downloaded for €65.00 EUR/$65.00 USD from the Propellerhead Shop here: (Purposefully, Propellerhead Software operates a 30-day try-before- you-buy service for those wishing to test Rack Extensions — simply click on the TRY button before committing to purchase.)

For more detailed info, please visit the dedicated RG-RE product webpage here: