Riot Audio presents its latest Kontakt library, PHONETIC.

Bridging the organic and digital worlds in the best tradition of previous Riot Audio instruments, PHONETIC is an innovative vocal morphing engine for Native Instrument’s Kontakt 6. It draws on a wide selection of single and dual phonemes (ah, eh, ba, la, vv etc) as a basis for musical sound design. Although technically a sample library, the architecture and resulting sounds are more reminiscent of a synth.

PHONETIC’s pulses, pads, keys and other sounds are not limited to the original performers’ ranges and are therefore playable across the entire keyboard range. PHONETIC is capable of a wide range of looping, whirling and gradually unfolding velvety soundscapes.


  • Three-layer vocal instrument running in Kontakt 6.6.1 and above (full version only).
  • Source sounds: 14 open vowel sounds (ah, eh, oh, eeh, ooh, a-e-i-o-u, hum), 16
    consonant/vowel combinations (e.g. na, no, lu, ba, mi) and 14 fricative sounds (e.g. vv, zz, sh), all in male and female versions.
  • Powerful sound design engine that allows for 3000 sound source combinations, envelope and morphing as well as LFO (movement) adjustments for each layer individually.
  • 125 presets (snapshots) in total – 20 pads, 20 pulses, 20 pad/pulse combinations, 20 keys, 20 organs, 10 natural voices, 20 risers, 5 templates.
  • Intro deal until October 13th 2022: £49 (£69 regular).

PHONETIC’s Engine comprises three layer types – Body, Loops and Air. Each contains a distinct set of sounds (phonemes), with unique processing variables. All sounds were recorded in a female (f) and male version (m).


This layer contains sustained open vowel sounds such as “Ah”, “Oh”, “Eh”, “Ooh”, “A-E-I-O-U” and hums. The unique layer controls adjust sample start.


This layer contains looped consonant/vowel combinations (syllables) sounds such as “Na”, “Bo”, “Mi”, “Lu” and “Mo”. The unique layer control adjusts tempo-synced looping speed.


This layer contains sustained sibilant consonant sounds such as “ff”, “sh”, “vv” and others. The unique layer controls allow for controlling weight (amount of low-end body).

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