Riot Audio has released BOWED GLASS CLOUDS, a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. BOWED GLASS CLOUDS, centred on recordings of bowed glass bowls and jars, is the first library release from newcomer developer Riot Audio and will be available for until July 30th 2019.

BOWED GLASS CLOUDS is built on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine which contains an individually adjustable three-octave spread and two main layers (A & B) with two sublayers each. It uses Kontakt’s AET Filter technology and equal power crossfading to morph between these different layers. There is a resulting total of 12 layers that can be morphed, blended and automated to create a wide variety of complex, evolving textures.

BOWED GLASS CLOUDS will be available for a limited period for free until July 30th 2019 on Riot Audio’s website. Users will be asked to subscribe to a mailing list and receive a download link.


BOWED GLASS CLOUDS is a simple one-page instrument with a clean, easy to grasp user interface. It allows for control of the following parameters:
• Amount and speed of the pre-programmed dynamic morphing between the sublayers
• Absolute levels of all three octaves
• Crossfade between the main layers A & B
• An effects section: tape distortion, bandpass filter frequency, delay and reverb with adjustable times and lengths respectively
• Three-band parametric EQ with musical, broad Qs

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