World of secrets complete is a collection inspired by those mysterious and beautiful objects and furniture, meticulously designed by 15th to 19th century’s craftsmen. Those geniuses used their art to protect what had to remain confidential or secret.

One of the mentors of that art was Leonardo Da Vinci, master of inventions, designing incredible mechanisms for his machines.

After much researches, and a large photo review, Red Libraries has designed this bundle of modules to assemble as you wish.

A bookcase, a desk, a sarcophagus, a hidden door, a statuette, a cane with a retractable blade, a poison ring, an old grimoire…each of them will reveal its secret mechanism, from the delicate assemble of parts of the jeweler, to the smooth slides of hinges designed by the cabinetmaker.

Toolbox objects and Toolbox furnitures:
A wide range of elements to create your own objects, mechanisms, or secret furniture ; we’re offering toolboxes which leave you infinite possibilities of combinations, from the more simple towards the more complex, wherever your imagination leads you.

Objects and furnitures designed:
You could also use our ready-to-use designed objects and furniture we have prepared for you.

Welcome in the universe of the World of secrets

Bundle includes (also sold separately):
Designed objects and furnitures
Objects toolbox
Funrnitures toolbox

Tech description:
– 744T + EAA Micromix
– KM 82i Neuman
– 2 KM 184 Neuman
– DPA 4060
– Barcus berry contact mic
– 96 kHz/24bits, 1600+ .WAV, stereo and mono files (3 GB)