RealDrumSamples releases 100+ Free Premium Drum Samples has announced the release of a Free Premium Drum Samples Package containing more that 100 one-shot drum hits. This freebie includes sounds taken from their commercial releases ‘Line of Legends’ and ‘Ultimate Percussion Jungle’ (Priced $ 44,95 each).

After having spent near half a decade professionally in the music industry we’ve had many experiences working with Grammy Winners and Grammy Nominees (including songwriters and producers for Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Usher & Trey Songz).

To finally get and keep our foot in the door we’ve had to build a gigantic premium personal library of drum samples and percussion sounds and endlessly reinvent ourselves to get our beats to that highest level where we would get noticed. Especially in the urban music scene the saying is true that: “If the Drums don’t bang, the Beat don’t bang”.”

• 100+ Superior Quality Sounds:
• Monster 808 Sounds
• Epic Pounding Kicks
• Piercing Hard-Hitting Snares
• Competition Shattering Claps
• Smooth, High-definition Finger Snaps
• Ultra Crisp Hi-Hats
• Thundering Toms
• Crystal Clear Cymbals
• Loads of Extraordinary Percussion Sounds from all around the world

Their freebie includes 808s, kicks, snares, claps, finger snaps, toms, hihats, cymbals and ethnic percussions.