Quiet Planet Joins The Pro Sound Effects Library

Gordon Hempton, the Emmy-winning nature recordist, today announced a partnership with Pro Sound Effects, the next level sound effects library, to include his entire Quiet Planet® nature recordings catalog in the Pro Sound Effects® library and related multi-user licensing options.

Hempton has spent three decades searching the globe to record nature at its most pristine and has released over 42 hours of recordings under Quiet Planet. The Pro Sound Effects Master Library 2.0 will now feature an additional 42 GB and 1,000+ sound recordings from Quiet Planet’s collections including Essentials, Winds Thunder & Rain, Flowing Water, Waves, Prairies, Tropical Forests and Deciduous Forests. In addition, Quiet Planet will release several new collections each year.

Douglas Price, President of Pro Sound Effects, states, “The addition of Quiet Planet brings the world’s most pure and cleanly recorded natural environments to our offering.”

“Pro Sound Effects is a leader in library innovation,” says Gordon Hempton of Quiet Planet. “We look forward to expanding with them into new markets and guiding sound designers on how to use nature sounds to achieve best results.”

With the addition of Quiet Planet, major features include:

Master Library 2.0: At NAB 2015, Pro Sound Effects released its Master Library 2.0. Including the addition of Quiet Planet, 2.0 is now over 175,000 sound effects large, includes an online access feature, annual updates and new subscription pricing options.

Multi-User Licensing Options: Pro Sound Effects now represents Quiet Planet for all multi-user licensing including annual subscription pricing options for companies with 2 to 1000’s of users.

Smaller Collections: Individual users can also purchase smaller Quiet Planet collections at prosoundeffects.com/quietplanet.