Remember when you were young and were watching old Chinese Kung Fu movies? Well, this is not the review of those movies but it shares something in common with the product we are about to review. Punch bundle from The Sound Keeper is a sample pack that delivers some great punch sound effects for a very affordable price. Let’s dive right in.

As mentioned Punch is all about… well punches, kicks and other stuff to make your movie or a video game sound like a Hollywood blockbuster. The sound of the sample pack is fantastic though some background noise can be heard in some of the clips. There are also some room reflections but that shouldn’t be a problem as they are quiet minimal.

Combo pack volume 1 consists of 137 multi take sound effects so essentially you are getting twice or at least three times the sounds. There are no specific folder categories which is fine if you like it that way but I would prefer if there were folders for the categories like whips, kicks, punches, blocks, grabs and indy type of sounds. Latter are pretty fun and surely reminds me of the old Chinese Kung Fu punches.

All of the samples also come with the embedded metadata but they are hidden in the file. I couldn’t find a separate spreadsheet with metadata.

The combo pack will set you back for around 110 US dollars which is pretty fair for the amount of sounds you are getting.

There really isn’t much to say about the pack. It is well produced, the quality is staggering and the price is very affordable. This is simply a must have for any sound designer or anyone in need of good punch type sound effects.

Technical details:

No. of samples: 750+
Format: Wave
Sample rate: 24 Bit / 96 Khz
Price: Processed sounds ($75) / Raw sounds ($85)


Punch SFX library review


Sound Quality

Variety of samples

Value for money

4.9Must Have
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