Chris Nairn shares a short story about working on his first game project. You can find out more about the game he has been working on here.

Since this was your first game project, tell us how did you feel taking the job?

I felt great! It was really exciting for me as I’d been wanting to land a game project for a while, being a huge RPG gamer. It’s nice to be able to combine two things that I love: games and music.

How did you take on this project (in other words how did you start with this project?

The first and most important thing was to ask the game developer (Chris Pavia of Cube-Roots) as many questions as possible, and to really listen to what he wanted. I asked him for several reference tracks and listened to them, extracting elements from them that I (and Chris) liked the sound of.

How long did it take you to make music or song for this game?

On average each track took three-four days (that includes writing, editing and mixing).

How can people support the project you have worked on?

Dungeon Hearts will be available to buy for mac and PC, at app marketplace – you’ll also be able to buy the soundtrack. Any support via social media that will gain exposure for the game and create a buzz around it would be much appreciated!

Interesting choice of music genre. Was that the wish of the developer or did you come up with it and presented to developer?

I was asked to come up with a different music genre for the game (there were a couple of musical styles that had already been written, that I was supposed to add to). The J-pop rock sound I created came from a combination of Chris’ references and music by J-pop artists that I’d come across myself (including Morning Musume and Supercell).

When is the game being released?

The game is set for release in late 2012/ early 2012