Since it was first released in August 2018, “Lost” has continued to oversee the journey that occurs in POST HUMAN. In its newest form, “Lost” this time relies on Rizqi Iskandar’s (voc) piano playing to explore further dramatic potentials of this song. ‘Lost’ will be released via Post Human’s Youtube channel on Thursday, 29 October 2020 at 7pm (GMT+7)

In this project, POST HUMAN tried to apply a spatial ambience approach in order to better capture the moments that the song tries to convey. In “Lost”, an electrocardiogram and ventilator sampling sounds is inserted to build the atmosphere for the song. In addition, music programming is also involved to keep opening the ‘door’ to other musical mazes.

This ambience building is then presented to attract listeners to be present in a space that we “crystallize”. The space where time was about to end while the desire to breathe still filled the blood.

Mortality is a scourge for animate. Many a time we reject it and choose to forget about it, go running and get lost in this world sized maze. With the ego towering over the sky, we covered our ears so we could run without caring. But where are we going?

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