Planetary Annihilation’s epic, hour-long orchestral score is now available for download

Planetary Annihilation’s epic, hour-long orchestral score is now available for download across iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and music streaming services.


  • The Planetary Annihilation soundtrack has over an hour’s worth of content across 26 individual tracks.
  • It’s an original score composed, solely, by Uber Entertainment’s audio director Howard Mostrom. Mostrom was responsible for Monday Night Combat, Supreme Commander 2, and Demigod’s original soundtracks.
  • The Planetary Annihilation soundtrack was performed by a 80-piece orchestra and a full choir.
  • The soundtrack is available now across iTunes, BandCamp, Amazon MP3, rdio, Xbox Music, and other popular providers.

June 9, 2014 – Independent video game developer Uber Entertainment has released the epic orchestral soundtrack for Planetary Annihilation. Available now across iTunes, BandCamp, rdio, Amazon, and other popular streaming services, the hour-long soundtrack weaves an emotional tapestry about creation and the massive amounts of destruction players can wreak in the game.

Planetary Annihilation’s original score was both composed and mixed by Uber Entertainment’s audio engineer Howard Mostrom. The score’s soothing strings, soaring tones, and powerful percussion were performed by the Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale.

Mostrom previously composed the scores for Monday Night Combat, Demigod, Supreme Commander 2, and many other games.

“Planetary Annihilation is an incredible game with an incredible scale,” composer Howard Mostrom said. “I wanted to pair that with an emotional score that could add to all the things players do in the game.”

“Whether players are colonizing a deserted lava planet or if they’re pulverizing it with an asteroid bombardment, the soundtrack enhances the mood and the flavor.”

In Planetary Annihilation, players can colonize solar systems, pulverize planets, and fight in massive battles with several players and thousands of units. In the recently added single-player mode, players play as a reawakened machine of war with fragmented memories. The machine’s goal is conquer an entire galaxy and recover what it lost.

The official Planetary Annihilation soundtrack is available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon. The game Planetary Annihilation is available now on Steam and other providers.