Red Ochsenbein interview

Find something you really love doing. If you found it, stick to it no matter how crazy it might seem. Just do whatever makes you happy… Every second lost is lost forever, you never get it back.

Stephan Römer interview

Work hard, never rest on your oars, listen, constantly work on your skills, never give up because sometimes opportunities arise by coincidence and always be your toughest critic.

Composer Interview Anton Sanko

Emmy winning composer Anton Sanko shares some insight behind his score for The Possession. The composer is no stranger to the genre with amazing work on film like The Last Winter. He shares his approach and we chat about the challenge of humanizing characters while still achieving the goal of thrilling the audience.

Tim Prebble interview

In the evolution of your lifes work, you will pass through transcendent moments. Be very careful to acknowledge them, because they are telling you important things about yourself and what you have to contribute that is unique. ~ Tim Prebble