Luciano Giacomozzi interview

NEVER try to force creativity but ALWAYS hammer home your work to companies and individuals, persistence will always pay off no matter how hard you try. Once you have a lead, keep at it and the rest will follow. Secondly, never compromise your morals or your ethics for anything. Always keep them firmly at your forefront and if any project tries to make you put them aside for money, leave. There will always be another project.

Marius Masalar interview

Your education gets 80% of its value from you: the diploma isn't going to get you any jobs. Get involved, make connections, and participate deeply in your education or you'll walk out of school with nothing but a poster and debt.

Ivan Torrent interview

Fight for your dreams. Because dreams... are the gears of your life. There is a lot of chances in this world, in this industry, and for sure, everyone has its own space on it. So... If music is your dream, just fight for it...And be humble and honest with yourself and with the others.