Only-shadows-touch_cover Only Shadows Touch – an international heavy metal album with singers from the USA, Sweden, France and the UK. With influences from the Scorpions to Blind Guardian, the album has an 80’s hard rock feel and a modern symphonic metal twist.

The concept behind the album is the distance we put between ourselves and others in our hearts and minds, this includes pressures in our lives to reject our neighbours and our dreams. It’s a journey of self discovery, or, it was for me at least!

Be sure to give the album a listen for free on Bandcamp and if you buy the whole thing you get a secret, epic bonus track that really helps complete the journey. The whole album is on sale for £4.50 or individual songs are £0.79.

Contributing artists

Sam S aka MetalRenard – Music composition and performance (all tracks). Album editing, mixing and mastering, project organisation. Lyrics and vocals “Vagrant Soul”, “Chaos Confined”. Lyrics “Assassination of the Indiscriminate Mind”, “To The Armory”.
Walid Feghali – Lyrics and vocal performance “To The Armory”.
Chris Scheer aka Torn – Lyrics and vocals “Burden of Dreams”, “Last Day Alive”, vocals “Assassination of the Indiscriminate Mind”, lyrics “Chaos Confined”.
Fredrik Park – Lyrics, vocal performance and editing “Whispers in the Air”
Arnold J. Alias – Vocals “Chaos Confined”.
Zsolt Gulyás – Cello “Last Day Alive”.
Remi Gemelli – Album Art.

You can also read an interview about the album here at TAS.