Plink 2 provides a beautiful collection of plinky sounds. To create this instrument Old Timer sampled a wide variety of sources, including old and new synths, vintage guitars, a ukulele, a banjolele, a music box, toy instruments, a beaten-up piano plus ‘found’ sounds like kitchen glasses and a bicycle wheel.

Plink 2 builds on the success of the original Plink Kontakt instrument by adding a better user interface, some additional sample sets and a dedicated FX section with bespoke convolution reverbs, delay and a multimode filter to sculpt and shape the sound.

The redesigned GUI was created by the team behind Sound Aesthetics Sampling (SAS). SAS also improved the sound of the library by tweaking the sample sets, adjusting start points and tuning some of the more wayward samples to produce a more professional sounding instrument.

With the new GUI, polished samples and funky FX, new life has been breathed into the original plinky sample set. This makes Plink 2 a better sounding, and far more versatile and fun instrument to play and explore, while at the same time maintaining the instrument’s original quirky charm.

Plink 2 is available from Kontakt Hub, priced £12.50/$16 (intro price until the end of November 2018 is £8.75/$11.20).

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