• Undertone Sound Library’s Bastille Day Sale!

    It’s time for the occasionally annual Bastille Day Sale at Undertone Sound Library!  For two weeks from July 14th-28th, everything in our store is 25% off.  It’s a great opportunity to pick up some fresh sounds for your projects!
    Vive la sound effects! Read more

  • Undertone Sound Library release Superior National Forest ambiences!

    We have long dreamed of recording in Superior National Forest. Took some effort to get to it with a long car drive and a long hike. As you can hear, well worth it!
    The outer rims of the forest areas we went to were highly deciduous: Mountain Ash, Aspen, and paper Birch. Most of these recordings. . . Read more

  • Undertone Sound Library release a huge Sailboat library!

    The wind in your hair, boat rocking beneath your feet, the splash and spray of waves against the bow, sails flapping in the wind – what could be better than a day spent sailing? Recording it! We grabbed our field recording kit and miced up an immaculately maintained 1977 Ericson 32-foot sloop for. . . Read more

  • ADSR Sounds Releases Omnisphere Explorer by New Loops

    Omnisphere Explorer features 185 new Omnisphere 2 patches made entirely with Omnispheres synth engine! No samples were used in the making of this epic sound library which really shows off just how powerful Omnisphere is as a synthesiser.
    There’s a very wide range of sounds including 145 original. . . Read more

  • 2018 Music+Sound Awards – Winners Announced – Oliver Tarney, Hans Zimmer, Wave Studios… just some of those to be honoured in 2018’s Music+Sound Awards

    For a seventh year, The Music+Sound Awards have celebrated the indispensible role and outstanding contribution that music and sound play in the media, shining a light on the stand-out work from around the world, of the last 12 months.
    Categories span original composition, sync, re-records, sound. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Machinery” Robotic and Futuristic SFX

    We are here with “Machinery” from our Designer Tools series, featuring a variety of raw sources which recorded different size and type of materials; from big industrial machines to small kitchen tools, garden machines to electric gym tools, tiny mechanics to large motors, various repairing devices. . . Read more

  • Synth Motions Vol.1 expansion for the VPS Avenger synth released!

    i just want to inform you that we released Synth Motions Vol.1 for the VPS Avenger synth.
    Synth Motions is a library mainly made with old analog and digital synthesizers from 80s like the old Roland jx3p, Jupiter or Juno synth or Yamaha DX9 and much more. Every sound was multisamples and. . . Read more

  • ADSR Sounds – 40% Off Summer Sale

    Deep discounts on sounds, courses and selected plugins + limited time bundles!
    Until July 11th save up to 40% on all sample packs, video courses and plug-ins. Read more

  • Chillstep Breathe

    Freak Music is proud to present a huge collection of chillstep, chillout, chillwave and ambient sounds – “Chillstep Breathe”.
    This product will be your number one source for the next chilling production. It’s filled with huge drum loops, samples, MIDI construction kits, Serum and Spire presets,. . . Read more

  • Bluezone releases ‘Dark Cinematic Soundscapes and Sound Effects’

    Produced by Bluezone Corporation, ‘Dark Cinematic Soundscapes and Sound Effects’ features a wide range of desolate drones, dark background sounds, abstract ambiences, oppressive analog synth textures, disturbing whooshes, heavy impacts, scary SFX and more. This sample pack brings you inspiring sound. . . Read more

  • ADSR Sounds Releases Accusonus ERA Bundles, Standard and Pro

    Multi-patented Next-generation Audio Repair
    As a professional in post and music production, you deal with impossible deadlines. Opening another application and dialing in obscure algorithm parameters is just not an option. Meet the ERA Bundle: multi-patented next-generation audio repair that offers. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Apex” Sound Design Cues for Movie Trailers and TV Promos

    “Apex” contains a great amount of tension builder uplifting sound design cues perfect for your upcoming TV promos or movie trailers.. Perfect for thrilling horror projects to majestic uplifting themes, hybrid action scenes to aggressive and twisted tracks, modern fantasy and beyond. Including10 hard. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Cinematic Hits: Sci-Fi”

    We are proud to present our new “Production Elements” series; each edition will focus on different core elements and bring you high-quality Blockbuster trailer style SFX to boost your productions. If you were looking for specific elements to fill your project, then you are in the right place – this. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Calm Waves”

    We are proud to present our new series called “Nature Ambiences” as the name says, all products are filled with nature recordings to give your production a natural and organic edge. The first edition of the series is “Calm Waves” featuring a variety of Wave sounds recorded in different locations and. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Savages” Bone-Chilling & Blood Curdling Intense Trailer Cues

    We are excited to announce the launch of a new series called “Trailer Cues” providing high-end trailer cues and sound design beds for motion picture, television, and video game advertising campaigns..
    “Savages” is a kick-start of the series and this epic edition delivers powerful and horrific. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Mist” Mystery & Thriller SFX Library

    Dark, Hypnotic and Mystic all comes together for this enchanting library. Cinetools proudly presents ‘Mist’; it’s a phenomenal SFX library that uniquely blends the genres of mystery, crime, thriller and supernatural fiction. This enigmatic library featuring over 1000 captivating sound effects,. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Overtonics” High-Definition Cinematic Trailer SFX Library

    Cinetools proudly presents “Overtonics”; featuring 1150 high-definition cinematic trailer SFX including all the core elements such as intense atmospheres, energetic and imposing hits, boomers, explosions, epic rises, disturbing stingers, hyper-detailed sound effects, captivating downers, dynamic and. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Witchcraft” Dark Elemental Magic SFX Library

    We’re proud to announce our newest sound library: Witchcraft; formed by primal dark elemental forces and full of darkness!! Featuring over 13GB of elemental dark magic SFX consist of +1750 high quality sound effects – there are variety of magical content related to spells, curses, kill cast,. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Galactica” Sci-Fi SFX Library

    Take a journey across the galaxy with us and go beyond the stars! Cinetools proudly presents Galactica; featuring 1200 high quality futuristic sound effects – covering a wide range of elements that are ready to go such as galactic/spacey and robotic type sfx, interface sound elements and raw source. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Maximus” Action, Thriller SFX Library

    Imagine that you are watching a great action movie. A strong-powered guy is on the scene and has just started chasing the bad guy, great tension in the air and you can see the bad guy starts to sweat while he is running – everything looks great in the film as it should be, but something is missing.. . . Read more