• Detunized releases Tractor Famulus Multi-Channel Library

    Famulus library delivers sounds of a vintage tractor that was manufactured in the communist part of Germany right after WWII.
    The featured model is a Famulus RS1436L from 1956. It has an air-cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine that generates 36 horsepower from 3.3l displacement. Due to the low operating. . . Read more

  • 123creative announces 50% off on 90+ packs of samples, loops and midi until 30th November

    123creative has announced special discounts up to 50% off on all sample packs, loops and midi. This offer is suitable for producers of all electronic music genres.
    The campaign will run until 30th November. Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Water Flow”

    We are proudly presents the second volume of “Nature Ambiences” series, this time it’s all about WATER! “Water Flow” features a variety of water sounds recorded in nature as it happens – contains various resources such as brooks, creeks, rivers, streams, rivulets, streamlet and waterfalls… Let the. . . Read more

  • Lake Wave Sound Effects Released – Bluezone Corporation

    Bluezone Corporation releases ‘Lake Wave Sound Effects’, a new immersive sound library. Featuring subtle splashes, enveloping water movements and calm lake ambiences, these sounds have been meticulously recorded at a lakeside on a windy day in the French Ardennes forest. The collection contains 105. . . Read more


    SampleTraxx continues to cross the border between music and sound design with “Custom Tools” a new collection of 570+ new sound effects and 15 categories for true cinematic lovers.
    Custom Tools is made to design high definition cinematic sci-fi horror trailer and soundtracks with a variety of. . . Read more

  • New Release ! Rally Cars Vol.4

    New Debsound release !
    After the three parts available the:
    “Rally Cars Vol.4”  sound library.
    “This library includes 123 sounds, recorded at rally service areas and race track.
    Pass bys, idles, revvings and other car engine sounds.”
    Files: 123
    Quality: 96khz / 24bit / Stereo
    Download: 839. . . Read more

  • Silence+Other Sounds releases “Relict – Cinematic sound library and Kontakt Instrument”

    Relict is a a collection of dark, spine-chilling sounds ranging from hard hitting trailer impacts to adrenalinic tension builders, from dodgy glitches and distortions to disturbing, scene-setting atmospheres and scapes.

    94 horror/thriller sound effects files (96 kHz/24 bit .wav)
    4. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Terminus” Sci-Fi SFX Library

    Imagine that time travel is possible… extraterrestrials coming to earth.. imagine life on another planet and you can meet your alter ego in another universe.. could you ever get to another space-time? Be prepared to break the rules! This time we are taken into alternate versions of reality and. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Unsane” Psychologically Disturbing Cinematic Sound Library

    Are you ready for creating heart pumping moments with us!! Cinetools brings you the most psychologically disturbing cinematic sound library ever! We’re proud to announce our newest production: “Unsane” is a high anxiety collection of horrific and mind twisting cinematic sound effects created by. . . Read more

  • Cinetools releases “Halloween Tools” Horror SFX Library

    ATTENTION! You are entering the scariest zone where all your worst dreams become real! Are you ready to awaken to spooky sounds that will get you in the darkness?
    We are here with “Halloween Tools” full of nightmarish, frightening and unnerving sound effects guaranteed to get you in the Halloween. . . Read more

  • Spectravelers release Submersion – A new Underwater sound library

    Submersion is a sound effect library delivering over 1800 high quality sounds in 377 files (more than 9Gb), from bubbles and impacts over whooshes to ambiences, propellers sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting underwater audio experience.
    From raw recordings to. . . Read more

  • 123creative releases Big Room Drops – loops, samples, MIDI sequences, Sylenth1 presets

    123creative has released Big Room Drops construction kit in cooperation with Freak music.
    Big Room Drops is a collection of original loops, samples, MIDI sequences, Sylenth1 presets – only top quality content for your next production. Use these kits to make your track professional, get inspiration. . . Read more

  • “Horror Bundle” by Cinetools – %85 OFF – For a Limited Time!

    Cinetools proudly presents “Horror Bundle” featuring all the essential elements you are looking for to create tense, frightening, horrific moments with pensive, anxious and disquiet feelings and comes with all the sounds you need to expand your horrific SFX arsenal! From imaginary monsters and. . . Read more

  • SoundsDivine releases ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Waldorf Largo

    ‘Tomorrow’s World’ features 372 presets for Waldorf Largo.
    This collection of sounds explores futuristic dystopian / euphonic worlds. It includes cascading filter pads, deep space drones, resonant synth sounds, futuristic soundscapes, shimmering pads, dark glitchy sounds, euphonic synth sounds,. . . Read more

  • Eplex7 DSP releases Psytrance speaking synths 1 – plug-in instrument for WIn/Mac

    Eplex7 DSP Psytrance speaking synths 1 is VSTi & AU plug-in instrument for Windows and Mac and can be used also as expanding instruments library in our FREE Eplex7 Player or in our plug-in instruments. Available as Win VSTi x32 / x64 bit, Apple MAC OSX Audio unit or Mac VST3 plug-in.
    Eplex7 DSP. . . Read more

  • Bluezone releases ‘Heavy Metal Impact Sound Effects’ sample pack

    ‘Heavy Metal Impact Sound Effects’ from Bluezone Corporation contains a selection of 126 carefully recorded metallic impacts. This sample pack offers a wide variety of different clanks and clunks: from big and weighty industrial container to deep and large fuel tank, old and rusty sheet metal to. . . Read more

  • Audiomodern releases Riffer VST/AU & iOS

    Audiomodern introduces ‘Riffer’, a smart MIDI sequencer that generates random Riffs for your Sounds, Software & Hardware.
    Riffer comes in VST & AU format and it is designed to feed anything that accepts MIDI signal, both Software & Hardware.
    Choose from 50+ scales, pattern complexity,. . . Read more

  • Weekend Sale IV from Anti-Node Design

    Library of this week is
    and get 30% discount on this weekend!
    *offer ends 10/7/2018jst Read more

  • Soundbox Library releases “MOUNTAIN STREAMS & RIVERS COLLECTION”

    This library has a unique selection of streams and rivers sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, the French Alps.
    Includes 100 files recorded in many different places situated in the heart of the Mercantour National Park and the Ecrins. . . Read more

  • EarMaster Releases New Teacher Version of Ear Training Software EarMaster 7

    EarMaster ApS just released a new Teacher version of the award-winning ear training software EarMaster. This new teacher version is available now on PC and Mac as part of the company’s educational solution EarMaster Cloud. It makes it possible to customize all the activities of EarMaster 7 and turn. . . Read more