A sound effect started their first podcast. See below what all is about.

There are some really inspiring podcasts created by the sound design and game audio communities, and today, I’m launching a brand new one that I hope you’re going to enjoy:

It’s called the A Sound Effect Podcast, and it’s the world’s first podcast dedicated to sound effects!
Co-hosting the podcast with me is Christian Hagelskjær from Hzandbits, and together, we’ll be looking into what’s happening in the independent sound effect community, unearthing the inside-stories behind the latest SFX libraries – and highlighting some of the great new SFX releases that are coming out.

In this very first episode, we’re talking with Paul Virostek from Airborne Sound, for a bird’s eye view of the state of independent sound effects, and why indie SFX are so useful. We’re also highlighting four very interesting sound libraries from the community. The interview with Paul starts around 10 minutes in.

We hope you enjoy this very first episode, and if you have any comments or feedback, do let us know!