The “Tyrolean Harp – Kontakt Library” by weyrerTon recreates the unique sound of this wooden Harp, only known within the region of the Alps.

weyrerTon makes the sound of the rare Tyrolean Folk Harp, only existing within the alpine region, available to every producer and composer. Compared to a standard concert harp, the Tyrolean Harp has more warmth to it and a “wooden” sound character. This makes it the perfect library instrument for everyone looking for a new and unique string sound.

The library was recorded in 96kHz, features three different playing styles, up to four dynamic ranges, three different microphone systems (close: A-B & M/S; room: A-B) and comes with a total of 3394 samples (16 GB uncompressed). Moreover, it is licensed with Native instruments and therefore NKS & Kontakt Player (Free) compatible.

The recording took place in the weyrerTon Studio One’s dead room – a 13 square meter recording room with professional acoustic treatment. Recorded articulations are Pluck, Nails & Harmonics. Pluck articulation features the full and rich sound of the Tyrolean Harp in 4 dynamic ranges. Nail plucks have a bit of a harsher character and add texture to your sound. The Harmonics sound crisp and vibrant making everything resonate with it.

The philosophy of the sampling process was to make sure the instrument sounds organic and authentic, instead of over-polished and sterile. Regarding the GUI, the aim was to create an instrument that is easy to use with three powerful knobs, while still giving the musician full creative freedom and flexibility.

weyrerTon is a Music Production Studio in the heart of the Alps. For over 10 years this studio is involved in recording, Mixing & Mastering Music for numerous projects. Now in 2021 weyrerTon releases, its first sample library out of many more to come.

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