New Hybrid Library + Expansion 1 Released for Freelance Sound Designers

In continued support of freelance sound designers worldwide, Pro Sound Effects® has made available 100 more units of its enhanced Hybrid Library and is introducing a brand new add-on – the Expansion 1.

“Last year, the Hybrid was dubbed, ‘The Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries,’” said Douglas Price, Founder of Pro Sound Effects. “This year, our goal is to further level the production playing field for freelancers by giving them affordable access to big-budget library features”.

The Hybrid Library combines 50,000+ sound effects on hard drive and this year includes new drive design, enhanced metadata, publisher updates, and access to over 125,000 sound online. To support freelancers on tighter budgets, Pro Sound Effects has once again set aside 100 Hybrid Library units at $1500 each (>$10,000 value) through December 31. For full features, demos, reviews and to apply for freelancer pricing, check out the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library page.

The Expansion 1 was created in survey-driven collaboration with current Hybrid Library owners and includes 10,000+ brand new sounds in must-have effects categories such as Ambiences, Cinematic Elements, Fight Elements, Foley Footsteps, Roomtones, Weapons, Sci-Fi and beyond. Available only to Hybrid Library owners, the Expansion 1 is priced at just $500 (>$2500 value) through December 31 and delivered on USB flash drive. For full features and demos, check out the Hybrid Library Expansion 1 page.

The Hybrid Library and Expansion 1 are curated from leading sound effects publishers (including Blastwave FX, BOOM Library, Foundation, Soundrangers) and always created in close collaboration with Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library owners.

About Pro Sound Effects: Pro Sound Effects® curates and delivers the Next Level sound effects library for media producers worldwide. Available both online and on hard drive.