New ebook: Secrets of a Bedroom Composer

Secrets of a Bedroom Composer is an eBook by Grammy Nominated Musician and Composer Troy Engle. It provides you with the tools and tips you need to start making money writing music for TV, Film, and Commercials. Over 50 pages of great advice for the budding Bedroom Composer. PDF format. For more information visit

What`s inside

Learn What Gear You need
• Choosing a Computer, Interface, Speakers, Microphones, Midi Controllers
• Includes a sample $1000 Budget Composer Rig

How To Choose a Location For Your Studio
What Kind Of Music To Write
Helpful Composer Tips
Finding an Outlet For Your Music
What Music Libraries Look For
How Much Money Can You Make?

About The Author

Zdravko Djordjevic

The Audio Spotlight is a hub that highlights composers, sound designers and other audio professionals from around the world, provides you with behind the scenes footage from game and film industry and keeps you up-to-date with the latest sample libraries and job opportunities.

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