FULTON, MD – Impact Soundworks has updated MOMENTUM: Acoustic Rhythmic Loops, a sample library of all-acoustic percussive and rhythmic sounds, to add Kontakt Player compatibility and Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) support, and to introduce a permanent price reduction.

MOMENTUM includes 2,500+ sounds sampled from unexpected sources by a diverse array of recording artists and sound designers. Sound sources range from mistreated bass drums and rare hand percussion, to hammered guitars and slapped cellos, to a wide range of found objects. Every sound is tagged and categorized both by material (like glass, metal, or stone) and frequency range (low, med, high, full). Users can also customize their loops with effects like filters, glitching, and chopping.

“We’re really happy to be bringing Momentum to a wider audience by adding Kontakt Player compatibility and lowering the price,” said lead developer Andrew Aversa. “We hope to bring even more of our catalog into the Kontakt Player ecosystem and follow our vision to make great tools available to everyone at all budgets.”

Since its initial release in 2017, MOMENTUM has been a go-to tool for composers who need texture and rhythm, whether for scoring work or to add percussion to world music and other genres. Prior versions required that users have the full commercial version of Kontakt; now, anyone with the free Kontakt Player is able to use MOMENTUM to its fullest.

MOMENTUM is available for $129 at the Impact Soundworks store.

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