MediaFlake Ltd launches SoundFellas

SoudFellas is a royalty free audio content provider and digital audio technology development brand. SoundFellas mission is to create audio content, tools and technologies that will always be fast and easy to integrate into any digital media production pipeline.

SoundFellas is a fusion of sound artists and interactive and linear media developers. Within the core lies a strong research and development department that fuels its products. By collaborating with artists and talents from all over the world, SoundFellas creates complete products that will always be a valuable asset in any creative project.


• Interactive Digital Entertainment
• Motion Pictures and Animation
• Corporate Branding
• Industrial Product Design


• Royalty Free Audio Content
• Virtual Instruments Development
• Software Tools Development
• Proprietary Technology Development
• Custom Services
• White Label Development
• Research & Development
• Consulting

SoundFellas will distribute its products from its own channel at and also through various prestigious digital channels and retailers. The brand will launch on the 1st of December 2014.