Maximizing Audio Techniques for Production

Get your popcorn ready because you are going to need it. A special 3-Hour Learning Lab with Sennheiser’s David Missall, who reviews the best techniques for the best sound covering a variety of microphone basics for boom, shotgun, lapel, interview and wireless applications with a tutorial on how to eliminate unwanted noise. A mock scene will be recorded and played back to practice (and then review) mic placement. Very informative.

David Missall is an expert in the field of RF wireless technology. As a National Market Development manager for Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, Missall consults prominent news and sports broadcasters, theaters and live music stages on multi-channel wireless installations and events, system design and frequency coordination, microphone selection. Missall has also provided RF wireless solutions and troubleshooting support for several broadcast networks and organizations, including CNN, ESPN, Univision Network, Fox Sports, CBS, Speed Channel and NASCAR. Missall is a member of the Sennheiser Global RF Expert program, which is a company-wide network of Sennheiser RF application engineers that support customers throughout the world.