Space Divers library kicks you right into the deep sea and to open space. This special material-resonation-based sound design has been inspired by such movies as Gravity, Interstellar and variety of scuba-diving or submarine movies.

Experience the dark and deep frequencies, vibrating through rusty submarines and errant space shuttles. Listen to your own breath and hollow noises while exploring sea bottom or repairing space-station systems.

Content highlights:

IMPACTS – from underwater splash to huge shuttle crash
VEHICLE VIBRATIONS – metal and plastic resonations, through air or without
VEHICLE NOISES – including rotating gears
UNDERWATER MOVES – paddle, swim, pass-by…
BREATHING – through different gears and without, underwater and dry
FOOTSTEPS – on different materials, space suit rustle included
MECHANICAL MANIPULATION – click clacks, buttons, handles and much more
TOOLS – grinding and drilling on different materials
UNDERWATER BUBBLES – this category could not be missed, right?

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