Krotos updates Dehumaniser Pro

Dehumaniser Pro Extended is a big jump forward for sound professionals and dedicated Dehumaniser users. It takes the classic Dehumaniser model and adds a number of new features which will help change your workflow and produce a whole new world of creature sounds (and more) in real-time.

Batch processing

Dehumaniser Pro Extended’s new Batch Processor feature enables you to process multiple samples at the same time. This tool can process any number of samples contained within one folder. It will produce new samples that have been processed with the settings currently selected in Dehumaniser Pro Extended. This is ideal when working on a large number of samples, or when producing sound libraries of creature sounds.

NB! This feature is especially useful when combined with Dehumaniser Pro Extended’s new Modulation system. By batch processing samples with settings presets which make use of modulations, users can produce multiple unique copies of samples, each with slightly different characteristics, but based on the same overall settings. Try selecting a folder with a couple of copies of the same sample, and feeding it through the Batch Processor with additional Modulation settings. A real time saver for sound designers!

Modulation System

The new ‘Modulation’ button in the top-right hand corner opens up a separate modulation window. This can be found in most of the effects modules. This new feature of Dehumaniser Pro Extended makes it possible to automatically modulate a number of parameters within a certain range and in a certain way.

The modulation is based on random movement between two values. By using this method you can influence various parameters from one set of controls. Each parameter assigned to the modulation window will move in the same way and within the same range, but with a slightly different pattern, I.E they will all behave in a similar way but individual parameters will not modulate in exactly the same way, making it easy to control a great number of modulations based on a simple set of controls!

This new feature can also help open up a new world of sound design possibilities. Check out our new ‘Sci-Fi’ library presets such as ‘Flexible Robotic’, ‘Modulating Groaner’ or even ‘Glitch O Rama’ to hear the Modulation System in action.


We’ve added 2 new libraries of exciting presets to Dehumaniser Pro Extended (Creatures and Giants and Sci-fi). These are included alongside the classic libraries included in Dehumaniser Pro. They demonstrate how much can be done with the software and the wide variety of sounds which can be produced.

Instantly grab presets for classic creatures like dragons, aliens, robots and much more!

Use these as jumping off points for your own unique sounds, and let our in-house sound designers give you a glimpse of how to maximize the potential of Dehumaniser by using the Modulation System, Routing Matrix and Effects modules.

Audio engine

We’ve rebuilt the audio engine for greater efficiency and a high quality of processing. This retains the sound of the Dehumaniser we know and love, but takes it one stage further.

User Interface

We’ve updated aspects of the user interface for a slicker look to Dehumaniser Pro Extended, making it even more enjoyable to work with. Elements such as our ‘ghost fader’, used in the sensitivity option of effects are now clearer and more user friendly.

The user interface is also smoother and more efficient.

We hope you are excited about Dehumaniser Pro Extended as we are. We’re excited to bring you a step forward in real-time vocal processing and to introduce new tools to any studio setup. We believe these new features will produce bold new sounds and approaches, and also save time and integrate into your workflow in a seamless way.