138 MultiSampled Synth Patches! Some bread and butter Swedish styles and some more experimental stuff. LOTS of power in this pack!

+ 16 OP1 drum kits

+ 2 ULTRA rare drum computer kits

+ 138 SYNTH patches from the OP1 ( Organs, Orguns, String Synths, Keys, Pads, Drones, Samples, Piano’s, plunk, plucks, noizes, BASSes, DIGital, Analog… LOTS)


Ableton = compatible with Live Standard/Suite! Made with 9.7 SIMPLER!

Studio One = made with Studio One Pro 4.1, works with Sample One and Impact XT. You can also drag and drop the Logic EXS files into Prime/Artist and Presence XT will do it’s magic.

Logic Pro = made with Logic Pro X.22, very simple to install, check the PDF and Video.


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