In this sound effects roundup we will be looking at the latest releases in late October and November. Since Black Friday sales are starting tomorrow, I will compile a list of good sound effects libraries to get on sale.

Latest review: Frick and Traa City Bicycles


Ultrasonic Dry Ice by Mattia Cellotto

Ultrasonic Dry Ice is a library containing over 600 sounds themed metal resonances, scrapes and all sorts of weird. All the content has been recorded at 192KHz with a Sanken CO100K, a couple of Sennheiser MKH8040 and a MKH416. The resulting ultrasonic spectrum is rich and allows for truly extreme manipulation of the content.

Retro Vacuum by Badlands Sound

Retro Vacuum by Badlands Sound features over 160 sounds of an old vacuum cleaner. The library includes onboard recordings of the wheels and motor and Pass bys at various speeds including separate files for wheels and motor, ambiances of a person using a vacuum in different spaces with multiple distances, and Foley.

Water Balloons by Kaibrary

A mini library for the Series 2000 SFX collection featuring water balloons hitting various surfaces, and various handling – from impact splashes, rolls and bounces, to metallic thuds, rubber stretches and dripping.

These Are Farts by Sounds Like George

Farts are our bodies’ way of punctuating important moments. Everyone knows this and agrees on it. It’s basically accepted scientific fact.

Loopable Motors 1: Small Engines by Effect Sense

Loopable Motors 1: Small Engines is a huge collection seamlessly looping engine sounds from ten different engines. The package includes steady engine loops with multiple RPMs, recorded in 96 kHz, 24-bit for creative sound design. Matching start and end clips are included for many loops for easy drag & drop game implementation or sound editing.

Microbes by hzandbits

Microbes is 76 minutes/2.12 Gb of microscopic life forms skittering and scurrying about in their strange world. 326 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using various microphones.

Assorted sound effects

Drifting vol.1: Car Action by Dilex

Sounds of crazy accelerations, drifting, wild breaking, screechy tires and more – captured from several different perspectives on a race track.

Scratches by Sound Ex Machina

Comprehensive library of 700 recordings of scrapes, cuts, scuffs, peelings and rubs. This high-quality collection of versatile sounds will make skin crawl and hairs stand on end.

Zombie Voices by Fusehive

Huge variety of situational sounds, such as attacks, hurt voices, warnings, deaths, and many more.

Reverse_Production Elements by MatiasMacSD

“REVERSE” is a collection of 32 Sound Effects created using reversed sounds processed with extreme changes in speed and pitch.

Swipes and Whooshes by Soundholder

Swipes & Whooshes sound library is a collection of different air-cutting sounds emitted by everyday objects flying at high speed.

Cinematic Transitions by Cinematic Sound Design

‘Cinematic Transitions’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a collection of more than 100 high-definition, hand-crafted transition sound effects.

Gordini 1947 Vintage Race Car by Felix Davin

This library presents a vintage Gordini race car from 1947, recorded on a private race track.

Wooden Planks Action by Javier Zúmer

Wooden planks Action offers high quality and high resolution recordings of all kinds of wooden action including impacts, splintering, breaks, creaks, rummages. Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 416 @ 24 Bits and 192 KHz.

Ambience, Soundscapes and Drones

Coal Mining by Tone Glow Libraries

Unique collection of sounds that build the ambience of a momentous industry. You’ll hear the sounds from two coal mines, one surface and one underground, which are normally closed to the public.

Transportation by Boom Library

Brand-new series “Noisy Places”, TRANSPORTATION is a comprehensive ambient collection with a broad spectrum of crystal-clear vehicle recordings.

Drones & Pads Vol. 01 by Bony Stoev

A pack of 28 quality Drones & Pads to create an intense amtosphere in film, games and podcasts.

Suburbia by All You Can Eat Audio

This collection covers a variety of locations, from quieter suburbs with a gentle breeze, a distant dog, some crickets perhaps and maybe a few birds, to the more densely populated areas, where the traffic and background noise is much higher and some construction is always going on. There some nighttime stuff in there, some ocean side, some with nature at its finest and even lawnmower and whipper snipper recordings so you can layer it all up.

Shepard Ambiences by The Sound Pack Tree

When looped, these abstract ambiences & drones seem to rise or fall endlessly.

Noisy Buildings V1 by Bert Foley – Eklen Sounds

Featuring a very special (and spatial) library. If you want true natural soundscape noises, Noisy Buildings delivers. The pack contains high quality sound files, recorded in abandoned spaces. This first volume represents rumble and rattle sounds, perfectly suited for psychedelic and horror madness – or just when you want to create an unsettling atmosphere.