In this roundup we look at the latest sound effects libraries released in February and March. Plenty of interesting sounds in this one.

This month’s favorites: Stomps, Swish & Whoosh, Castles

STOMPS – Creature Footsteps by Bonson

STOMPS is a massive collection of more than 8,500 files to boost your creativity and help you add special footstep sounds to your new project. Read the story behind Stomps here.

Body Hits by Hiss and a Roar

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If one of the characters in your project has to mete out some old school violence, we can help knock the wind out of their opponents sails with over 1600 body hits – from slappy hits onto bare shoulder, thigh & gut, to thuddy hits on Mr Lumpy (vegetable stuffed overalls) a roll of carpet, cushion and duvet. Also included are a range of subby sweeteners created with a Roland SH101, Korg Volca Kick and Buchla Music Easel.

Whirs, Buzzes, Hums and Hiss by Sonic Worlds

With noise sounds recorded from an incredible array of sources, if it goes hum, whir, buzz, or hiss this library has got you covered.

Motors SFX by Sonic Salute

The library is packed with recordings of gadgets, which can add some cool and unusual textured motor sounds to your sound design process.

Dimensions by Melee Sound Design

Melee Sound Design’s ‘Dimensions’ library is a collection of Sci-Fi Doors, Secret Doors, Vaults, Lifts, Blast Doors, Gates, Elevators, Industrial Doors, Crowbars, Buttons & Handles, Metal, Wood, & Glass Doors. All 459 designed door sounds are 24bit/96khz and embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata

Ambisonic Steam Trains by Detunized

Ambisonic Steam Trains features recordings of 3 different narrow-gauge railways in Saxony/Germany where they meander through narrow valleys and bends.
The library includes more than 3.5 hours of recordings that are taken directly at the train drivers position in the cabin as well as from wagon platforms and passenger seats.

Swish & Whoosh by Pasi Pitkänen

Swish & Whoosh is an extensive high quality collection of organic light and hard swishes and whooshes. The library consists of 62 individual objects ranging from a small metal sieve to a medium sized didgeridoo and covers fast, slow, fast multiple and slow multiple articulations.

Castles by Sound Mind – Michal Fojcik

Sounds for the Castles library were collected in four castles – museums (medieval, renaissance and baroque) in southern Poland. My intention was to record sounds of old doors, furniture and every interesting prop I could find, in authentic acoustic environment. Some of the spaces were very reverberant, some just have a bit of ambience, but all are authentic and add specific colouration to sounds. Also, part of the sounds was recorded outside.

RPG Magic by WOW Sound

The RPG Magic library delivers a total of 215 ready-made unique magic sound effects suitable for Role-Playing Games, Battle Arena and more. The SFX comes in flexible layers for you to mix & match to create the most unique and fitting sound for your magic. Bring your magic sound design to the next level with this collection.

Sonic Transmission by Faunethic

Sonic Transmission is a unique collection of 257 sounds recorded and produced with high-quality equipment at 24 bit /96 Khz. Recorded in a 0 acoustic fields with a large range of piezo, contact, suction and hydrophone microphones, this sound library offer original audio textures ready to use or to design.

Tubular by Eiravaein Works

This library is the result of tinkering with shotgun mics recording inside of different tube structures. When our initial tests produced a wide range of sonic colors, we went all in.

Vibration by hzandbits

Vibration is 40 minutes/676 MB of vibrating, rattling and resonating metal and plastic panels in 96 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz using contact microphones.

Magnetic Balls by Arrowhead Audio SFX

Magnetic Balls consists of 283 beautifully recorded and edited sounds, tagged with rich metadata. From whizzes and sparks, to impacts and more.

Guns, Bullets and Explosions by Gamemaster Audio

Collection of guns, bullets and explosions at a very affordable price. Designed specifically for games, video and other media by award winning sound designers. All sounds come ready to use.

Honorable mentions

Collected Ambiences vol. 9 by Soundbits

South African Crickets by Tonschliff GmbH

Gongs by Hiss and a Roar

BRAAMS by SampleTraxx

Dino – Roars & Growls by Fox Audio Post-Production

Odd by Breakup Audio

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