In this roundup, we look at the latest sound effects releases in July. August releases will be featured near the end of the month.
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Meow by Sonic Worlds

The “Meow” sound library provides all the core cat vocalizations you’ll need in a single package.

High Desert Winds 2 by Thomas Rex Beverly

In the second installment of the High Desert Winds Series, get the blustery sounds of High Desert Winds 2 recorded in the resonant mountains of West Texas. This library was recorded during a massive two-day wind storm with gusts up 75 mph! These extreme winds rattled and shook the house in wonderful ways. The creaking and groaning windows, doors, and walls were vibrating so much that I could record wind for the first time using a contact microphone!

Industrial Sounds with Soul by Sound Mountain

Recorded and designed by legendary film sound pioneers Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, Industrial Sounds with Soul is a sound effects library featuring unique recordings of roaring factory ambience, hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, metallic clanks, clicks, ticks and more.

Textures and materials

Crash & Smash – Designed by Soundbits

The “Crash & Smash – Designed” sound effects library contains stereo 350 sounds of destruction.
You get 5 categories (Glass, Metal, Stone, Wood”, Plastic) each with 50 edited, layered and designed sounds of destruction and demolition.

Gun Shell SFX Collection by Effect Sense

The Gun Shell sound effects library features a comprehensive collection of sounds made with empty gun shell casings. Including 12 different shell types, 7 surfaces, and a huge amount of takes (3600+ files in total), this library is more than just a collection of falling shell sounds. It includes shells colliding with each other, rolling, bouncing, being picked up, and more.

Mechanicals by Boom Library

MECHANICALS brings you everything you need to easily design the sound of mechanical processes – from simple clicking, sliding, rattling or snapping to the most complex mechanical procedures like opening complicated vault doors and treasure chests or clockworks.

Genre Specific

RPG Magic by WOW Sound

The RPG Magic library delivers a total of 215 ready-made unique magic sound effects suitable for Role-Playing Games, Battle Arena and more.

Fantasy Game by Epic Stock Media

More than 500 sound effects inspired by hit computer games like World of Warcraft, and Diablo.

Ambience and soundscapes

Volcanic Geyser by Faunethic

Faunethic’s Volcanic Geyser sound library is a unique collection of 21 sounds from the bowels of the earth. Steaming, splashing and muddy textures, these sounds has been recorded at San Pedro de Atacama, in northern Chile.

Surreal by MatiasMacSD

“SURREAL” is a collection of 100 Sound Effects for creating surreal moments in your productions and allows you to generate a bizarre experience to mess up with the listener mind.

Langa – Township Ambiences by Ivo Sissolak Sound Design & Music

Langa – Township Ambiences is a collection of everyday sounds recorded within a vibrant township community in the heart of Cape Town.

Italy – Sicilian Ambients by Soundholder

Get almost 5 hours of sounds of Sicily, Italy – captured at various locations during different times of the day. The library features sounds of both empty and crowded streets. Mornings and nights sounded different from siesta time, that’s why I’ve recorded streets during all those times.

Winter Forest Ambience – Stereo, Quad, Surround by Articulated Sounds

‘Winter forest’ is not just about silence, it unfolds the delicate flow of lone natural immensity. Over the span of 2 years we recorded the cold north wood forest of the Laurentian in Canada.

We captured chilly breezes, sparse birds, creaking barks, freezing rain, raven’s vocalizations, wolves, long cold silences. All of which resonate through these unique sceneries of quietude.

Vehicles, sci fi, whooshes, sirens and other sound effects

Dumpster Truck / Skiploader by Detunized

Dumpster Truck (Skiploader) delivers the sounds of a DAF CF 75.310 mid-size truck that delivers open steel containers. They are mostly used to collect debris, junk or discarded furnishings. Once these containers filled up, the truck picks them up again to bring them to the suburban garbage dump.

Sirens by Audiohero

Features a range of US siren wails and yelps, arrivals, constant wailing and pass-bys, from internal and external perspectives + siren recordings from countries such as Spain, Denmark, Mexico, France and Germany.

WOOSH by SampleTraxx

Whooshes, flybys, transitions and anywhere you need accent or energetic passes in different speeds.

Space Racer 2 – Turbines & Engines by Fox Audio Post-Production

Wealth of engines, turbines, start-up sounds and more.

Emotes – Woman by John Silke

This library features a woman making as many vocal sounds as possible, without saying any actual words. From blowing a ‘raspberry’, to coughing, laughing, crying, cheering booing and much more.

Impulse by Soundopolis

Impulse is a collection of “designed” impulse responses to expand your design palate, featuring a wide variety of metallic, wooden, glass, and icy reverbs, as well as some delays and effects. The IR included in this collection are unique “spaces” to help you take your sound design to different realms and planes of being.

Flight Simulator Switches Buttons Knobs Handles by Sonic Salute

91 mono tracks, recorded inside an old retired flight simulator, donated to the Danish Technical Museum.

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