In this roundup, we look at the latest sound effects releases in August. There has been plenty of ambient sound effects releases in August.

Latest review: Southern African Ambience by George Vlad and Daan Hendriks.


Undiscovered: Savannah & Jungle of The Rupununi by Articulated Sounds

Pristine landscapes, rich biodiversity, and local myths – and this sound effects library captures its ambience.

DISTANT SEA by Hiss and a Roar

The distant sound of the sea is such an evocative ambience, we set out to capture some of its many moods from some of our favourite locations in New Zealand. Diffuse roars, discrete booming waves and clifftop perspectives, recorded multi-channel with variation in tides and perspective.

LA Underground (update) by Rabbit Ears Audio

Features a unique collection of Los Angeles ambiences from guest contributor, Charles Maynes. Charles is an accomplished Sound Designer and Recordist.

North Country Air HD Pro by The Recordist

From the Mountain Forests and Rural Areas of North Idaho comes a diverse collection of wind and air sound effects. Exterior locations include forests, mountains, rural homestead, ranch, municipal airport. Interior locations include: barn, garage, and two different house rooms. Recorded at different times of the day and over multiple seasons.

Ambience, Soundscapes and Room Tones

Interior Ambiences: Tech. Building & Art Workshop by SonicSalute

Recorded at the Technical University of Denmark and at a big Art Workshop in Copenhagen – in collaboration with sound designer and field recordist Rune Palving. This collection of sounds captures the crowds, both loud and more quiet, and the different rooms, halls, and hallway tones that are speciel to such places.

Future Room Tones by Badlands Sound

Badlands Sound went to the future to recorded 42 room tones of various spaces like computer rooms, engine rooms, bathrooms, and much more all in 24bit / 96k. We also recorded electrical buzzes and distorted sci-fi winds. More than 2 hours of futuristic room tones and ambiences included in total.

Libraries by Niels Gabriels

This sound library is full of library recordings. These range from city to public and university libraries. With 38 recordings of 5 minutes (for a total of more than 3 hours of recordings) there are a heap of different options depending on if you’re after a busy reception or a quiet study space.

Ambisonic Ambiance Collection 1 by Sen6

It features a range of ambience recordings such as cities, roads, parks, countrysides, shores, airports, shopping malls, underground parking lots, various room-tones and much more.

Sounds of Nature: MOUNTAINS of Europe by FENNEC FX

Mountains of Europe features nature sounds and ambiences, captured in different mountain forests and areas of Central Europe at different times of day. All ambiences are very quiet and serene and recorded at high altitude.

Learning Space by Pasi Pitkänen

Learning Space has over 1 hour / 2.2 GB worth of material that covers a whole large air-conditioned modern school building and also a small air-conditionless old abandoned school building. The length of the room tones are around 3 minutes and all the room tones are calibrated to -30 LUFS.

Sci-fi, UI

The Future is Now by Sound Response

The Future is Now is the second interface sound library from Sound Response and with this release we bring you even more futuristic, hi-tech audio goodness for your next project, with more sound FX categories to choose from!

Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons by Gamemaster Audio

Contains 287 high quality Sci-Fi sound effects. Covering ambiences, general sounds and weapons. Plus an additional 645 bonus sounds effects covering guns, 8bit sci-fi and general sounds to help make this a must have collection for everyone working on Sci-Fi projects.

Droid Vocal – Mini Library by Fox Audio Post-Production

30 short designed robotic voice snippets.

Materials, textures, studio sound effects, vehicles and other

Just Stones by Soundbits

Impacts, shatters and rolling stones to scrapes, slides, water hits and tickling fine derbis.
All sorted in sub folders and with embedded metadata, and recorded with Sennheiser MKH8050 + MKH30 mix setup in 24Bit and 192kHz, cleaned, edited and downmixed to stereo.

Domestic Glass Harp by Infrastructure Recordings

This sound library contains several sets of sounds featuring glasses tuned to specific pitches, which can easily be dropped into your sampler on your digital audio workstation to create wonderful ethereal pads and effects.

Arvor 215 Boat by Soundholder

Arvor 215 boat sound library features recordings of the boat’s diesel engine in sync with its propeller. Onboard sound effects were recorded with two DPA 4061 microphones, taped under the “hood” and on the back of the boat, near the propeller. Inside this library you’ll find engine on and off sounds, running on neutral gear and three recordings of boat working on different settings.

VARIETY01 by noisecreations

This collection focuses on modern-day domestic sounds and rural/residential environment elements. We take pride in assuring that whilst there is a high level of variety, we make sure that each sound is as versatile to use as possible.

Race Cars by Airborne Sound

A bundle of fierce race car field recordings during practicing, qualifying, racing and race car passes. Includes clips from Ferrari Challenge, NASCAR, IndyCar, and other races.

WW2 Aircraft by Mindful Audio

WW2 Aircraft is a collection of recordings of rare World War 2 aircraft. It features icons such as the Supermarine Spitfire, Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann, North American P-51 Mustang, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Grumman F8F Bearcat and others. The library consists of 59 recordings ranging from 13 seconds to over 10 minutes in length. The sounds have been recorded with the Sennheiser MKH416, MKH8040 and the Sony PCM D100.

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