Final indie roundup for this year. We look at the promising SFX libraries in December edition of indie roundup.

Elements: Zippers by Mindful Audio

The first in the Elements series, the library covers the 3 main types of zippers: coil, plastic and metal. 22 different zippers on 19 objects (backpacks, coats, jeans, toiletry bags, wallets etc.) have been recorded, edited and carefully tagged with metadata. Most of the zippers feature 4 types of performance: slow zips, normal speed zips, fast zips and short fast zips.

The library’s most obvious use is as Foley elements since it covers a wide variety of zipper types and performances. However, some the recordings sound quite unlike actual zippers and more like creatures, gears or even farts! Additionally, all files are recorded and mastered at 24/96 quality which makes them excellent sound design elements ripe for serious processing.

Tension by Soundmorph

Tension is a collection of atmospheres, drones, musical sound design, darkness, noise, and distortion for creating moments of anxiety, ominous soundscapes, or musical foreboding highlights. Created by Charles Maynes (sound designer) and Jason Payne (musical composer) Tension creates a balance where both sound design and musical undertones collide. Tension gets you 430+ sounds and 7.5GB of 24bit/96khz files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata.

THE DOORS by Hiss and a Roar

This collection represents the first in a series of libraries of DOORS and household props, with Volume 1 containing over 13GB of doors (from gentle opens and closes, to slams!) as well as door knocks, hits, creaks, latch moves, locks, wall hits, and door movement across carpet.

Stethoscope by ShapingWaves

The gurgling and murmuring of various digestion processes in the abdomen, the beating heart, blood rushing through vessels and the respiratory sounds of the lungs.

Sounds of modern hospital by Mark Vernon

Sounds of a real, modern-day hospital – the equipment as well as various locations. These are recordings that are not easy to access and took a lot of negotiation to capture.

Smack – distorted impacts & hard hits by SampleTraxx

SMACK delivers earth-shattering hits and distorted impacts for the modern soundtrack, trailers and dark electronic sound design.

EDV3RB – ROOM-tones + Impulse Responses by Tovusound

EDV3RB is designed to be a complete toolbox to create a realistic sounding room atmosphere up to 5.0 surround.
A full 5.0 Surround WAV-file of each room in different perspectives will give you the base and the real sound of the location.

Monster Car Crashes by SonicSalute

While there are no sounds of actual monsters attacking a car, there’s certainly a lot of of recordings of sound-guys jumping on car roofs, beating car doors, smashing windshields and destroying paint jobs, with a big axe, and a crowbar.

Screams & Shouts 2 – Monsters by Soundbits

The “Screams & Shouts 2 – Monsters” sound effects library brings you over 940 shouts of pain and death, disturbing roars plus grunts of anger, struggle and attack from several monsters and zombies. Additionally you get 250 clean untreated vocalized human monster sound to create your own designed monsters with it.

Istanbul by Tonsturm

TONSTURM 16 | Istanbul features ambience recordings of the fascinating, vibrant and huge city of Istanbul, captured with our wide spaced omni rig which has proven to be perfect for cinematic needs.

Motorsports 1 by Airborne Sound
Motorsports 1 is the first in a series of sound libraries that capture the vehicles and ambience of high-performance car races.

Featuring 9 types of premier races, the sound fx include clips of single cars, groups, and constant streams of grumbling, sputtering, and screaming race cars passing, decelerating, and accelerating by around race tracks.