To conclude this amazing year we will give out some recognition (TAS choice awards) awards that we feel were well deserved. Next year we will also host proper awards as we did each year. Here are some of our picks that left us impressed in 2015.

Best creative SFX libraries

I know there has been a lot of libraries this year and I am guessing more will come next year but there are few that really stand out. Here are our picks for the best creative SFX libraries.

Wings by Bonson

Ever since it was released it stayed on my mind. It was first of its kind and really well made. Perfect blend between quantity and quality.

Edward by Tovusound

There are plenty of footsteps libraries but Tovusound took it to another level with its usable Kontakt patch. Lots of content and simple controls make this library highly efficient.

Gore and Slaughter and Massive Explosions by Tonsturm

There is no shortage to Tonsturms quality. This year they released two fantastic libraries that stuck in my head. They are a bit pricey but well worth the money in my opinion. You can also check out our reviews of Gore and Slaughter and Massive Explosions.

Punch by The Sound Keeper

If you need some well designed punch sounds, Punch is the library that would solve your problems. It has fantastic Hollywood type sounds aswell as great indie type sounds and it is not expensive. See our review for more details.

High Tech Interface Sounds by Lesser Vibes

Sergey Eybog has won the Boom library competition in designing interface sounds using only white noise sound. The library is really well made and worth a look.

Best vendor

2015 was a great year for SFX makers and most of the thanks goes to the three new vendors that you can sell your libraries through. This year we pick the following vendor to be the best in 2015.

A Sound Effect

With great support, fantastic curated collection, healthy client base and great blog that keeps you coming back for more. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

Honorable mentions


A new approach to cataloguing your sound effects. It comes with a free plan aswell as payed one. There are still some things that I feel could be made a bit better but I find myself using it more and more. For Reaper users: The new update now lets you drag and drop from Soundly.

RX5 Advanced

There are no reasons to not put RX on the list. Simply outstanding tool. See our review of RX5 Advanced.

This concludes our 2015 picks. Come back next year (January or February) when we will host people’s choice awards. If you are interested you can check out our previous Indie roundups here.