In this roundup we gathered a collection of very interesting libraries released recently.

Metal Atmosphere by Mindful Audio

Metal Atmosphere is a collection of contact microphone recordings of wire fences vibrating in the wind.

Back to School by Lilesoundlibrary

This library contains more than 350 files and over 1.500 high definition sounds.

Elegant Machines by hzandbits

Elegant Machines is 213Mb of slightly odd mechanical sounds in 150 separate files, recorded in 24bits/96kHz quality. Most are mono and edited as seamless loops.

Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks – Extension I by SoundBits

Door and furniture creaks and squeaks, creaking leather, rubber and balloons, door handles, disturbing metal on metal squeaks and much more.

Beehive by Soundholder

The sound of honey bees – inside and outside their hive – with this 96kHz and 24bit Beehive sound library.

Dark Sci-Fi UI by The Sound Keeper

Made for sci-fi films and games, with its futuristic loops, drones, transitions, buttons, glitches and plenty more.

High Desert Trains by Thomas Rex Beverly

Thunderous sounds of freight trains with this special SFX library – featuring intense high-pitched screeches, rumbling bass and roaring sounds as they pass by in the Texan desert.

Latchlocker by Eiravaein Works

Latches, locks, switches, clips, slides, clasps, gears, bolts, and ratchets is a mechanical sonic powerhouse, offering the functional and mechanical sounds of a plethora of quirky contraptions that latch or lock together in some manner or another.

Alfa Romeo 4C 2016 by Pole Position

This is an extensive recording of an Alfa Romeo 4C from 2016. It has a 4-cylinder 1750cc turbo engine that is rated 240 horsepower at 6000 rpm. The car has the “Alfa TCT” twin dry clutch transmission 6-speed gearbox. The recording includes all kinds of driving at different speeds, cruising, startups, shutdowns, reversing, driving at constant rpms, various accelerations and decelerations, long and short ramps. Some foley is also included like doors, hood, flasher, horn, seatbelt and more. 22 channels out of which 10 channels are onboards covering interior, engine and exhausts. The exterior microphones are positioned at different spots around the recording location and covers approaches, aways, passbys and more at different speeds. Total recording time is 75min 28s. Demos available here.

Squeaks and Creaks Two by RDGsoundFX

Collection of squeaking and creaking sounds – nearly two hours in total, from a wide range of sources.

The Keyless Piano Body by Detunized

The Keyless Piano Body is a Kontakt Patch library that features an abandoned upright piano without keyboard.
The library encompasses the results of three extensive recording sessions and features the wonderful and reverberant sound of these piano remains.