Gosh time flew by and I completely forgot about the September roundup. In this roundup we look at some of the new sound effects libraries that came out in September and October.

Diffuse City by Collected Transients

Diffuse City is the unique urban ambience sound effects library you didn’t know you were missing. It captures the urban environment in its many forms – all based around the idea of diffuse ambience. The Diffuse City library is purpose-built for the times an environment needs to be felt, but not be distracting. Plenty of demos can be found here.

Chain Ferry by Detunized

Chain Ferry features the remarkable sounds of a 100 year old ferry with a specific drive system. The ferry pulls along a strong chain lying at the ground of the river to cross. This is achieved by a clever combination of 3 drive wheels that guide the chain and prevent it from dropping to the ground.

The Hawk HD Pro by The Recordist

The Hawk HD Professional Sound Effects Library is a multi-channel collection of sounds from a Sikorsky UH-60A helicopter that has been converted for civilian use. This one of a kind collection features multiple ground and flight track and balance tests recorded in a exceptionally quiet environment. Recorded on five separate occasions.

Atmosfear by Glitchedtones

Featuring sounds taken from lo-fi instrumental recordings, harsh noise experiments and granular synthesis explorations, Atmosfear is a gritty soundscape collection geared towards the horror genre. With a distinctly unpolished production style to bring a rough edge to your scenario, these sounds can be used to invoke feelings of suspense, dread, tension, fear and doom into your characters and environments.

Designed Rocks by Gregor Quendel

Features crumbling and cracking rocks, shattering glitches, evolving textures, and everything in between.

Hvac Elements by hzandbits

Hvac Elements is a sound effects library to help you put some realistic ventilation sounds in your productions, recorded from a variety of sources at many different locations.

From table fans to large industrial vents, as well as a multitude of cooling units. Humming, droning, whooshing hvac machinery; some well-oiled, some rattling and worn. Bathroom vents, air conditioning units and a hot water pressure pump. Even the feeding mechanism of a pellet stove.

High Desert Hummingbirds by Thomas Rex Beverly

Stunningly detailed sounds of one of nature’s tiniest aerial acrobats flapping and fluttering in one of the quietest outdoor places in the continental United States.

Abstract Glitch & Noise by Antisample

First in the Abstract series, Glitch & Noise brings abstract and interesting tonal experience to sound designers sound palette.

Metal Contact by Soundholder

The Metal Contact sound library features the recordings of various metal surfaces tortured with different tools. From touching things with fingers, through hitting with metal bars and up to using blenders or magnets to cause the materials to resonate.

Iron Fist – Trailer Impacts by Sound Response

Iron Fist – Trailer Impacts’ features 100+ cutting-edge, royalty free, professionally designed cinematic hits and impacts sound effects.

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