Man were May and June crazy with a lot of cool new sound effects libraries. Check out this months sound effects indie roundup.

This months favorites: Ferocious Creatures, World of secrets, Lockdown

Ferocious Creatures by Tonsturm

This library serves you all the roaring, growling, slobbering, squealing, chirping, grunting, choking and gasping you´d ever need to create fascinating and rich sounding creature and monster sound effects or to turn any of your sound design to the dark side. Recorded with up to 100kHz frequency range due to the SANKEN CO-100k microphone, the sounds bear maximum twist and bending possibilities. Simply pitch and zoom into the sound and discover all the feral, brute and ferocious bits waiting to be discovered.

Lockdown by echo | collective

Huge variety of simple or complex lockdown mechanism sounds with a wide array of different latches and impacts with Lockdown, a performable Kontakt instrument and sound effects library.

Helicopters HD Mini by The Recordist

Helicopters HD Mini is the first in a new series of sound effects collections that have the best of the best from a very specific subject. The helicopters in this set are from random fly-bys over the house and when out on location recording other material.

Dump Trucks by Hiss and a Roar

Komatsu HD465 100 Ton 1,200 Horsepower Dump Truck
Exterior starts & away, slow passbys, up & stops, slow moves & open road passbys

Ice Skating by Articulated Sounds

“Ice Skating” is a comprehensive library of 1000 audio files through various skating techniques and activities (hockey, figure skating, …)

Just Impacts – Extension II by Soundbits

“Just Impacts – Extension II” features 500 sound effects of mainly metal and wood impacts, metal junk hits, crashes, heavy door slams, metal drops, metal wall and oil tank hits, …

Cormorants by Soundholder

Cormorants sound library was recorded during 4 recording sessions spread through the course of two months. Recording this library was really challenging, due to difficulties with getting into the location, and staying hidden in the middle of more than 1000 nests colony.

Cartoon Props by Sound Effects Monkey

Cartoon Props is a toolbox of recordings you can use to create your own cartoon and comic effects. Included are whistles, horns, boings, farts, percussion instruments, and more.

Drones by Glitchedtones

The distant industrial sounds of a dystopian society, the unsettling mechanical noise emanating from a mothership’s power hub with deep, planetary ambiance and spacecraft roomtones, or maybe there’s a serial killer or spirit on the loose in an abandoned factory or a long, dark tunnel… Whatever the scenario, these drones will serve your project well whether using them as they are, or as source material for sound design.

World of secrets (Complete) by Red Libraries

Complete is a collection inspired by those mysterious and beautiful objects and furnitures, meticulously designed by 15th to 19th century’s craftsmen.
A bookcase, a desk, a sarcophagus, a statuette, a cane with a secret blade… Toolbox objects, Toolbox furnitures, Designed objects and Designed furnitures.

Bengal Tiger by Krotos

The Bengal tiger, also called the Royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) may weigh up to 325 kg (717 lb) and reach a head and body length of 320 cm (130 in).

The sound of these carnivores is iconic, and has been heard in films for decades. It’s a sound you instantly recognize and makes the hairs of your neck stand up instantly!

Steam Machines by Moon Echo Audio

We spent months recording and designing material to bring you the freshest set of sounds to give you the user maximum potential for sonic creativity. Get great-sounding machinery, gizmos, gadgets, steam releases, foley, and more. This package of sounds also has massive potential for creating your very own fantasy machines!

Burst by Eiravaein Works

With its unique design and composition of materials, the ramune bottle creates a timbre all its own. Glass, soft plastics, bits of aluminum, and the carbonated soda interact in unique ways. Layer them into impacts, slides, scrapes, openings, divisions, and any other effect where a dynamic high end transient is required. Or use them as hi-hat and ride replacements as well as an interesting snare drum hits (especially for a jazz kit).