In this indie roundup we look at some of the newest sound effects releases. Check out our August picks.

This months favorites: Gravitas, Clink

Gravitas by Eiravaein Works

This collection is the fourth and final in a series of metaphoric conceptualizations of traditional drum kit hits (see Jarred, Bunretsu, and Burst). This time we have re-imagined the kick drum. To build the range and palate of character that we needed, we transformed community bridges into percussive instruments.

Clink by echo | collective

Recorded in a quiet space with an MKH50 through a John Hardy preamp, this libary is small but mighty. Also included is a NI Battery 4 kit that is programmed to enhance the best characteristics of the source material by doing transient enhancement, eq, delay and compression that can be dialed in to taste.

Electric Typewriters by Soundbits

You will find sounds ranging from opening/closing covers, pressing keys, random typing, electric motor movements of the writing head, mechanic-hammering of the letters, small mechanical levers and more.

Auto Workshop by Sonic Salute

14 Stereo Ambience tracks. Mechanics talking, and working with grinders, weldings, and hammers. 31 Mono/Stereo SFX tracks of Air impact wrenches, Air compressor, water and air Hoses, Grinder, Metal saw, Gate, Doors, Two post lift, Washing brush, Electrical hoist and welding.

100 Fountains by Articulated Sounds

‘FOUNTAINS’ gets you 100 pristine stereo recordings of various fountain sizes, types, and perspectives (including 15 hydrophone recordings). Each file is between 40 sec and 2 min long, mono compatible, and is fully loopable, ready to be used in any project.

Baby BOOM by Boom Library

We invited a lot of babies at the age from 3 to 24 months – boys and girls – to our studio. They followed our call, brought their parents and the funny and often loud recordings started. We also equipped every new parent in our office with our best microphones and recorders and instructed them on how to record their own babies at home. You’ll just love the multicolored, sweet and piercing high-quality recordings.

Black Leopard by Krotos Audio

This Black Leopard SFX library was recorded by our sound recordists in Thailand in 192 kHz, 24-bit WAV format. It includes a huge variety of sounds from groans, growls, sniffs, roars and everything in-between, recorded at a pristine audio quality.

Mechanism by Soundmorph

Mechanism was created in collaboration with Sweet Justice Sound, Richard Devine, and SoundMorph, and we put great effort into ensuring the quality and usefulness of this unique collection. Half designed and half source recordings, Mechanism gives you a toolbox to be inspired by.

Mechanisms by Hzandbits

Things that whirr, rotate, grind, click and clack. Strange machines that defy categorization. Levers, cogwheels and camshafts. Wood, metal and plastic, scrapes and screams. Some are simple loops of a single sound, while others are more complex movements.

Ambiences from Vietnam by Robert Kubicki

Vietnam is a sound library that encaptures Southeast Asian people, culture and lifestyle. It includes international airports, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Phu Quoc island and Hanoi.

Asia Reminds – Vietnam Ambiences by JP Belliard

Asia Reminds – Vietnam Ambiences delivers a huge amount of recordings (more than 10 hours total!) from a trip to Vietnam. It’s divided into three distinct ambience types: City ambiences, Nature / Town ambiences and Transportation ambiences.

Sounds of Senegal by Eneas Mentzel

The sounds on this library were captured during the recording of a documentary about the Talibé of Senegal. We visited some unique places that are not easily accessible and that gave me the chance to gather and collect some distinct sounds. Demo available at

EMF trailer by Tim Prebble

Moving Water Part 1 by Surround Sound Lab

99 clips (99 MONO and 99 STEREO) recorded in 192Khz and 24 bits HD Audio. Splashes, swimming movements, small water movements, paddles, and more! Have a nice day with your friends and they will help you to record this great collection of useful sounds! How many times have you looked for great sounding natural water movements? Here you have them!! In awesome 192 KHz so you can stretch them as you want!