I guess SFX market is getting more and more interesting every month. In this roundup I have checked various sources to find some interesting libraries. Here are my top picks in May’s indie roundup.

May’s favorites: Shotguns HD Pro, Elements: Gears, Antique Grinders, Driving Force, African Wildlife

Before we start here is a demo preview of the upcoming Red Libraries sound effects library.

Shotguns HD Pro by The Recordist

This is a complex library with five “sections.” There is a multi-channel section that has a bunch of shotguns, with many microphones, recorded in a wonderful field/forest location. These are presented in their “original” form with just a couple of cleaning passes and level adjustments. Live action foley and mechanical sounds were also obtained.

Elements: Gears by Mindful Audio

Check out our review here.

Elements: Gears is a collection of small and large gear, ratchet, cogwheel and other mechanical sounds recorded and edited over more than 2 years by George Vlad. The library encompasses more than 2000 individual sounds covering actions such as single clicks, slow movement, fast movement, short turns etc. The objects recorded include ratchet tools, plastic toys, an old sewing machine, wagon wheels and ethnic noise making instruments. Some of the larger objects have been recorded using both an MKH 8040 and a JrF contact microphone and include each perspective on a separate track.

African Wildlife by Daan Hendriks

African Wildlife is an utterly unique collection of pristine wildlife and nature sounds, recorded in the wilderness of Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia over a period of 4 months, 2015. It comes in four categories, covering Mammals, Birds, Ambience and Insects recordings.

Antique Grinders by The SoundCatcher

570 Sound Effects from 13 different antique Coffee and herbal Grinders.
Recorded in 4 different perspectives.

Driving Forces by Digital Rain Lab

The pack is dedicated to futuristic engine sounds: from small hovering drones to huge space motherships.

Cameras by Soundholder

Cameras sound library features sounds of 20 different cameras. Everything was recorded with Sound Devices 702, Rode NTG3 and Oktava MK012. In this 6 minutes long sound library you will find sounds of different camera shutters, pulling film advance levers, handling noises, self timers, AF mechanisms, pushing buttons and rotating dials. This sound library features camera models from companies like Kodak, Polaroid, Nikon, Olympus, Yashica, Minolta, Fujica, Halina or Pentax.

Infinite by Detunized

“Infinite” specializes in dark drones, wide ambiances and thrilling textures that play with great depth and large stage.
Each of the 160 included samples was carefully handcrafted by treating various sources with a complex chain of hardware FX units. The resulting sounds can be used out of the box whenever it comes to the creation of impressive background layers or establishing otherworldly movie scenes.

Bicycles by Lilesoundlibrary

This SFX library delivers more than 650 bike sounds in 125 files, covering everything from cycle gears, chains, crankset, spokes, brakes, the saddle, gearbox, bells, bicycle pumps and valves – and of course lots of wheel sounds, spinning at various speeds.

Phono by echo | collective

PHONO is a set of textures lovingly recorded from the blank spots of old and new vinyl records.

Squeaky Toys by Sounds Like George

This library by George Hufnagl delivers them by the bucket: Whether it’s a rubber bone, cloth dog, or a giant flamingo, over 16 Minutes of squawks, honks and wheezes await your squeaky, sound effects needs.

Bleed by SampleTraxx

Sound effects collection designed with the modern trailer and soundtrack composer in mind. Featuring a vast array of hi-tech hits/impacts and stingers, sophisticated transition and passbys, visceral stutters, risers and more.

BMW E-36 with Toyota Supra 2JZ engine by Phonophilist

7 and 9-channel recordings contains:

3 engine channels: AudioTechnika 8015, Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser 840
4 exhaust channels: Sennheiser 418S (MS), Shure SM 58, Octava 015
and interior 2 channels recorded with Neumann 185 MT stereo pair (not for all)

Collected Ambiences by Soundbits

Each SFX library in the “Collected Ambiences” series features 33 Stereo Ambiences from many different locations.
The series includes ambiences such as Public Spaces, Roomtones, Drones, Forests, City, Train, Bus ride, Rain and many (many!) more.

Countryside by Original Sounds

Features everything from summer storms in a village, farm animals, wind in the fields, watermills, evenings in the countryside and much more – even some lumberjacks cutting wood.

Windy Forest by Norsonant

Windy forest is a collection of forest ambiences with wind ranging from soft to strong. We spent two stormy days out in the deep forests of Norway and managed to capture a wide variety of wind sounds. The recordings are nearly 100% bird free so they are very usable internationally.

Quad City Berlin by Sonocaine

Quad City Berlin is a comprehensive collection of quadrophonic recordings from the busy and multifaceted german capital, the second largest city in the European Union.