Plenty of cool releases last month. In March indie roundup I look at some of those releases. Also if you haven’t seen it yet, please check out Soundlister is a place for sound designers, sound editors, re-recording mixers, foley artists, and field recordists to showcase their skills and for people and companies who are looking for audio professionals, it offers a centralized place to look, rather than having to plow through 100s of individual websites.

March favorites: Granular IRL, The London Warehouse Firearms, rOtation

Granular IRL by Hiss and a Roar

Elements scaled from grains of rice, plastic & glass beads, pumpkin seeds & marbles through to pebbles, stones, rocks, potatoes, pumpkins, rain sticks, a machete, footsteps, metal pipes & a shovel.

Resonating surfaces and environments include two steel/pan drums, antique zither, acoustic guitar, floor tom, metal pots, copper bucket, plastic bin, a snare drum, a subwoofer, a dry river bed and a granite cliff face.

Destruction by Boom library

With DESTRUCTION, we deliver you the perfect toolkit to easily design those kind of scenarios. The CONSTRUCTION KIT holds more than 7 GB high-quality source recordings and the DESIGNED version comes with 300+ pre-designed, “ready to use” sounds. The BUNDLE not only allows full flexibility, but also gives you a benefit in price. Leave your audience gasping for air and take them right into the center of DESTRUCTION.

The London Warehouse Firearms Library by Audiobeast

The London Warehouse Weapons Library contains over 6 GBs of weapons being fired in a large warehouse, medium warehouse, stairwell, office and small room. 291 WAV files all recorded at 96 khz 24 bit, with heaps of information on microphones used and distance from the firearms.

rOtation by Collected Transients

rOtation is a sound effects library built for sound design centered around things that spin. It contains nearly 200 exceptional sounds and is the first of its kind. If you’re looking for brand new sound design source material, rOtation is the ticket.

Plants vs Sound Guys by Blackguard SMG

After working on a string of projects, we realized that almost every one of them needed the same thing: plant foley. After dragging messy plants, dirt, and bugs into the foley pit several times we hit on an idea – Let’s just make one REALLY big mess and record every possible interaction with every plant we could find. The result was over two hundred discrete files (totaling over 3GB) and thousands of performances of high quality plant foley. Plus, a giant mess comprised of completely destroyed plant matter. Don’t worry – most of it was yard waste put to use for a higher cause.

Elements: Metal and Glass by Airborne Sound

A massive collection of metal hits, drops, crashes, drags, and scrapes. It includes iron, steel, and metal. There is a mix of massive impacts and falls, as well as subtle debris moves and drags.

Snowman HD Pro by The Recordist

There was a time when I recorded lots of snow sound effects. The Ultimate Snow collections contain TONS of snow sounds recorded when I did not mind getting cold and wet running around with my microphone during some of the coldest winters I’ve ever experienced. Since then I’ve realized I’m getting to old for the cold… just a little. I still venture out into the crystal clear, frigid cold days here in Idaho and record snow and ice sounds every now and then. The result of these random recording sessions since the other snow collections were produced is SNOWMAN HD PRO.

Handwriting by Soundbits

841 files containing more than 2000 different handwriting – sounds from different pens, pencils, crayons, chalk on blackboard, felt pens, markers, even brushes and writing in sand, and carving in stone. All this in many variations from writing words and sentences, strokes, periods and doodling.

Sounds of Europe 1 – Busy Places by Resonant

Ambient Backgrounds recorded in various European Cities. These are the kind of sounds that are required for practically every modern TV show or movie, and some video games – e.g. Cafés, train stations, lobbies, churches, bars, public spaces etc., but all with a European flavour.

Indistinct walla and background voices that could be used for any city, and for M+E purposes, plus some tracks with recognisable European language dialogue (e.g. English, French, Italian, German and Czech.)

The library features recordings from cities such as London, Venice, Prague, Vienna and Annecy. All of this is catalogued in the tracklisting so there are no surprises. Real world sounds with no reverb or other fake effects applied! They have been painstakingly edited, EQ’d and mastered to avoid unwanted sounds and loud annoying spikes in level and frequency that would otherwise mess up your workflow.

Money by hzandbits

Money is just over 21 Mb of coins and notes/bills being handled. You get 34 files in 24bit/96kHz quality.

SHOTGUNS HD Teaser video by The Recordist