Indie roundup: February
A lot of new SFX libraries in January and February. Lets start with the news first.

Chuck Russom FX relaunched as Sound Effects Monkey

Some of the best gun shots libraries at affordable price. If you are interested in why the name change, here is a blog post from Chuck Russom.

Swordfighter by Squeaky Fish

Swordfighter is a robust package with sharp sounding swords, heaps of variations and all the extras you need to make a fight come alive.

Grit by Eiravaein Works

In this library you will find a myriad of gritty movement sounds derived from 4 different granularities: Course, Medium, Fine, and Ultrafine. There are sweeps, smears, crushes, scatterings, drops, scrapes, rubs, and more, with multiple variations of each. The assets chain together particularly well so that you can use them to make long continuous runs.

Future Weapons 2 by Soundmorph

We spent months recording and designing all-new sounds to bring you the freshest set we could. Great-sounding guns, blasters, reloads, foley, and much more!

Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2 by Soundbits

The Cinematic Hits and Transitions 2 sound effects library from SoundBits delivers 222 cinematic, epic, heavy, impacts and hits – ranging from very deep, earthshaking hits, to brutally distorted and mangled impacts. Some are dry, some with extra huge reverbs, others get you an instant attack while some come with a build-up for that extra tension. Lots of starts and tails of the sounds can be combined with each other to give you even more.

Phantom Magic by Epic Stock Media

Includes sound elements such as Spells, Sparkles, Glitter, Magical Transitions and Whooshes, Touches, Pickups, Vanish, Poof, Unlocks, Achievements, Notifications, Items, Rewards, Positive User interface, Fantasy Hits, Affirmations, Impacts, Heals, Buffs, Orbs, Bass Infused Hits, Activates, Alerts, Blips, Slides & More.

Piping Systems by ShapingWaves

Get the sounds of gas and water running through massive and tiny pipes, at three processing sites closed to the public. This library delivers the sounds of a gas control station, a sewage plant and a waterworks.

Wheels and Gears by New Sound Lab

This library features a collection of bicycle tire, freewheel, gear and chain recordings. Two bike models were recorded: A Specialized Carve Expert (mountain bike) and a Bianchi Campione (city/road bike).

Grassland Prairies by Undertone Sound Library

Wide open Grassland Prairie sounds captured in 24/96 double-ORTF QUAD!

Indecent Machines by The Coil

Indecent Machines is a sci-fi sample pack inspired by a concept of mechanical disrepair and emergent AI consciousness. It features 1.7 gigabytes of 24-bit/96khz samples and bundled Kontakt kits, created by producer/sound designer Chad Glenn.