We got a lot of interesting new SFX libraries last and this month. Here are our picks for April’s indie roundup.

Edward Ultimate by Tovusound

See our review here.

Edward – Ultimate, the new Flagship of our live playable Foley Artist Instrument. Edward – ULTIMATE features more than 48.000 individual sounds, 90 combinations of shoes and surfaces, as well as a hugely powerful new engine, vastly speeding up the Foley workflow and possibilities. Recorded by Foley Recordist Josh Reinhardt, and performed by Foley Artist Lara Dale.

Jet – Fly Bys by Boom Library

Jet engines are a very unique kind of sound producers. Gaseous or liquid fuel is violently mixed with extremely dense compressed air and then gets burned (don’t do this at home). And this is only one element of the sound. Others are the fan, the compressor, the combustor, the turbine – what the heck – it sounds amazing. We all know how jet fly bys sound as we’re constantly hearing them above us in passenger airplanes. If you live in a region where fighter aircrafts are practising test flights, you know how low-flying jet engines sound. We got even closer with our new Micro BOOM SFX library JET – FLY BYS.

Mediterranean Nature by Tonsturm

With this library you get over 50 pure nature ambiences, recorded in discrete 5.0 surround and 2.0 Stereo, capturing the sounds of songbirds, day and night crickets, smooth sounding pine forest winds, frog choruses – all the beautiful soundscapes the idyllic and diverse mediterranean nature has to offer. The recordings feature natural environments from four different countries and took place over the course of four years.

Berlin Ambiances II by HZandbits

This collection is focused on lively locations such as markets, museums, playgrounds and shops, and features several takes from each location (in most cases).I wanted the sound of Berliners more than anything else, so here are sounds from Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte. Whether it’s drunks on Alexander Platz or the lunch crowd in Markthalle 9, I tried to capture a good spectrum of public, everyday life in Berlin.

Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks by Soundbits

This Sound Effects library contains 633 files that feature over 1000 sounds of unsettling and unpleasant squeaking and creaking elements. It’s a great starting point for designing a vast number of different soundscapes in various genres – from just using the sounds as general Hard Effects, to Science Fiction and Horror.
All sounds are production ready: Cleaned, Edited, levelled, and come with embedded BWF Metadata.

You get heavy doors and furniture creaks, screaming dry ice, creaking leather, rubber and balloons, forks on ceramic tablets, disturbing metal squeaks and much more.

INDUSTRY, Electrical Hum by Phonophilist

This library contains recordings of hums of a big electric station, a small buzz of an electrical substation’s transformer and also synthesized sounds. All synthesized sounds were re-recorded with the “Worldizing” technique initially conceived by legendary sound designer Walter Murch.

Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres by GlitchedTones

200 sounds from no-input mixer recording sessions featuring cable & pedal noise, drones, harsh noisescapes, high frequency feedback, hum, interference, low frequency noise atmospheres, machines gone wild and a multitude of general feedback effects.

Energy by Breakup Audio

Energy is an entirely synthesized library, inspired by classic sound effects heard in a wide variety of action and adventure TV shows. Synthesized source material to create energy beams, lasers, blasts, whooshes, explosions, magical effects and more is bundled in this library and ready to be layered and processed. Energy contains 74 audio files with 5 variations of each sound effect per audio file, totalling 370 sounds.

UI Sounds by Sound Ex Machina

UI SOUNDS: MUSICAL is a collection of 300 sound elements ranging from subtle to glitch and juicy vibrant sounds, which are ready to use in any kind of electronic user interface environment (smartphone, tablet, desktop app, web based app or site), smart TV app, wearable device app, UI demonstration videos, infographics, as well as in your games.

Suitable for: Buttons, Alarms, Notifications, Selections, Menus, Switches, Feedback, Filling in forms, Navigation, Online and mobile Quizzes, Checkout & eCommerce, as well as for other systems or game plays.

SPACES by SoundMorph

SPACES delivers high definition ambience recordings and designed backgrounds, and is the perfect addition for your workflow or mood-inducing production. Utilizing only the best microphones, design processes, and tones, SPACES is a well-rounded collection of atmospheric quality. While excellent in the genres of Sci-Fi and Horror, SPACES would also be well suited in many other situations where film standard sound is required.

Car Debris, Impacts & Crashes by Polo Position

This library consists of two different sessions where we dropped cars from a crane, onto other cars and onto the ground. The first session also contains lots of car body debris from scratching two hanging cars against each other, as well as windows being smashed. During this session, also when dropped from the crane, microphones were positioned inside the vehicles as well. Left side of the onboard recorder comes and goes, but we decided to leave it in the library since it has some very nice bits in it. Demo is available at Pole Position website.

Cold Feet – Snow Footsteps Vol 1 by Matt R. Sherman

Over 1 hour and 20 minutes of continuous original high definition (96kHz) Foley walks, runs, scuffs, turns, stops and textures. Demo available at Sonnis.com.

Wind turbine by Norsonant

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This is a collection of recordings of a three bladed wind turbine. The wind turbine was recorded from five different positions. The collection includes the full length recordings from each position as well as shorter, edited files. The full length recordings are tagged with “RAW” at the end of the file name. The shorter, edited files are tagged like this: “high intensity”, “low intensity”, “low to high intensity” and so on.