In this three part series of Indie Roundup we will be looking at Best selling SFX libraries from A Sound Effect, Sonniss and Wild Tracks Sound library, then we will look at the new releases and in part three we will give some awards :).

Best selling SFX libraries (A Sound Effect)

Bullet Impacts

Buttons, Switches & Levers

Cartoon Materials

Circuit Bent

Cyborg Collection

Data Destruction

Edward – The Foleyart Bundle


High Tech Interface Sounds

Kalipso Atmospheric Drones

Lethal Energies


Best selling SFX libraries (Sonniss)

*the following was copied from “Popular section” of the website and is a subject of change once the Sonniss provides the needed information.

The Ultimate footstep collection

The Battle Crowd Collection

Worldwide ambience

Future Weapons

Quiet Spaces


Best selling SFX libraries (Wildtrack sound library)

Spanish countryside ambiences

Spanish Voices, Crowds and Reactions

London City Sounds


Spanish Institute Ambiences

Gear Drone & Room Tones